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Programs to create 2 channel audio in videos

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I have alot of video in mp4 containers and some MKV that have AC3 surround sound or DTS. What i would like is to add a 2 channel audio as an option. (I have an ATV2 and WD media player, both on systems that have only 2 speakers). I notice the sound is a lot heavier when I have only 2 channel vs. 5.1 etc.
I've been using Handbrake lately to get the 2.0 channel option in, and it woks well, however, i'm losing the bitrate on the video when I compare to the original file (using mediainfo).
Anyone know how, or where i can get a program to just do the audio, or does video always have to be scanned as well. anyway not to lose the overall sample?

Thanks to all.
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I have no idea why you would want to downgrade the sound.

If you must, and use ATI graphic card, you can download the AVIVO package off AMD/ATI that adds video converter to the Catalyst Control Center.

The video converter is very fast as it is hardware enabled. The only reason I don't use it is because it downmixes surround sound to 2 channels sound.
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