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Programs to create 2 channel audio in videos

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I have alot of video in mp4 containers and some MKV that have AC3 surround sound or DTS. What i would like is to add a 2 channel audio as an option. (I have an ATV2 and WD media player, both on systems that have only 2 speakers). I notice the sound is a lot heavier when I have only 2 channel vs. 5.1 etc.
I've been using Handbrake lately to get the 2.0 channel option in, and it woks well, however, i'm losing the bitrate on the video when I compare to the original file (using mediainfo).
Anyone know how, or where i can get a program to just do the audio, or does video always have to be scanned as well. anyway not to lose the overall sample?

Thanks to all.
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Xenon MKV or GotSent are probably worth looking into. They will take the video stream from an MKV, copy that into an MP4 container (with no loss), and then transcode the audio stream to a 2-channel audio stream to make it a valid MP4.
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