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to program the DCT 2000 remote u get from shaw cable
heres what u do
turn on the device u want to program manually (the tv the stereo etc..
press the button u want to program (vcr/tv/audio etc..)
then hold the setup button till the light flashes (it might help if u get within a few centimeters of the devices IR sensor)
then enter 991...the remote with flash
now press the button u wanted to program in parallel with the power button
do this till the device you are trying to program turns off...when it turns off
press the setup button once and your done

don't think this helps ..but just incase
the serial on my remote was mkt476-a00

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I am in the USA and I have the same model number on my remote. I lost my manual and my cable company has no clue. Does your remote have F1, F2, F3 buttons at the bottom? If so do you have the sequence to program these? Any help out there would be much apreciated, or if anyone has a manual to email. My email is [email protected].

Stephanie Richartz
New Hampshire, USA
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