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Procedures for Buying and Selling of BTV Receivers - See Post 1

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I had a 3100, a 5800 and a 5900 in the house. Thinking of going HD. Question, if I get a HD receiver, am I allowed to sell the 3100 or the 5800. There are quite a few for sale (at decent prices) on certain famous auction sites. Not sure if Bev allows that anymore.

Edit by 57 - 2011.10.25. You should not sell or buy 9200 or 6100 receivers since they are being phased out and BTV will not activate them. See link below for more on the topic: (They can still be used for OTA so they may have some value to someone interested in that option)

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I actually called in to tell them that I sold a 3100, as I wanted to make sure it was removed from my account. I also gave them the new owner's name ( a friend). He called in to activate it, and was not able to do so. Not sure exactly what the conversation went like, but know that he was denied because the receiver was not registered to him but to someone else with his surname. So it turns out I told them who the new owner was, by name, they registered it with someone else, and he could not get it changed to his name unless I called in to verify the info. That is an enormous hassle to go through for him, me, and anyone else.

You shouldn't have to do any of this, and the mistakes they can make are not worth the hassle. Sure, tell them that you sold it so it is removed from your account and protects you from someone else making PPV purchases on your dime. Let the person who buys it take care of the rest. At that point, what difference is there between the buyer buying and activating a NIB receiver vs this one he bought from you. Absolutely none. Do you think BEV is trying to weed out satellite thieves by tracking deactivated/re-sold receivers that aren't re-activated? That would be the only benefit to them doing it their way, and it would be a complete waste of time and effort in terms of battling against pirates.
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I found my big hammer... and snips.
When you call in to say that you sold your receivers we don't remove hem from the account. We deactivate thm, and make a note that you sold them and that you giver permissionto Mr X, Y or Z to activate it.

When the new owner of the rceiver calls we ask him the receiver number and type it in to make a search. It would give your account. We go into note and verify that there is a note stating that the receiver was sold. If it says sold to Mr X and the person calling says he is Mr Y we refuse to activate the receiver. If it says activate it to whoever calls in then we activate it. If there is no notes we shoudn't activate it and we have to tell the caller that he need to get in touch with who sold the receiver and tell him to get in touch with us so that he could give his autorisation and then we could activate it
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When I sold my 6100 and 5100 on ebay to different people, I got a call for each receiver from Bell Expressvu confirming that I sold them.

I confirmed that I did sell them on Ebay, and I assume all went well for the other end as I always got positive feedback.
When I sold my 6100 and 5100 on ebay to different people, I got a call for each receiver from Bell Expressvu confirming that I sold them.
I had a similar, reverse situation. I bought a receiver on ebay, went to activate it and the EV CSR said they would make an attempt to contact the original owner for me as I had no idea who they were. Risky I suppose since the unit could be stolen and you could be charged with receiving stolen property but I suppose that applies to anything bought online (or lots of other places).

LOL - maybe the 5100 I bought was one of yours :)
You got lucky he could do it...usually they don't let us contact the seller
I would have thought that contacting the person who's account the receiver is tied to would be standard.

It makes the most sense.

I just bought 2 x 6100's from a yard sale, one is actually still active with programming, the other is on an account.

The working one will stay as it is until the programming stops as it has more Themes than I have, the other was taken off the persons account and I have transfered it to a Family member.

So as you are well aware, not everyone inside Express Vu follows all the rules, Thank God.
This is one of the reason we always tell the client that they should call us to deactivate the receivers as soon as they stop using it... Hopefully for that client he would get a call for our SAT team to verify the receiver and wouldthem tell them that he sold the unit, which would deactivated right away. And hopefully for the client you won't order too many porn film and PPV events!
I always call. Yet the receiver does not always get deactivated. One receiver I sold almost two years ago was still active today. I can only assume that someone has been getting free TV all that time due to some CSR's mistake. The other I just sold and had to call twice so the new owner could activate it on his account. :rolleyes:
Did you get any unusual PPV charges during those 2 years?

Maybe the agent just haven't put the note on the account when you called in to activate it. Ifthe buyer didn't had you info then he didn't bother and put it in a closet
Why would I risk having the receiver deactivated by ordering PPV's, for now I am happy to get the HD & SD Movies.
Unless the seller really questions the charges we won't do a big investigation and lots of agents don't know how to find out which receiver gave the charge

Altought it is not a reason for you of course to go ahead and order 20 dirty movies tonight...
You might rip off an Express Vu Customer like that but I WILL NOT.

I am disgusted you would even think about it.
Why would I think any good of somebody that tries, with most of the time no reason to put me down all the time? Should I go praise him for stealing signal satellite of the person whom he bought the receiver from when he knows so well this is against the compagny's policy? I don't think so...
Please post again, so you can have the last word.

Thank You.
Just hooking the receiver up to the phone line should trigger an alert when it calls home. If I had an active receiver on someone else's account and wanted to keep it active, hooking it up to the phone line would be the last thing I'd do.

I also assume that all PPVs ordered through the receiver would be verified against my telephone number on file. OTOH, knowing how well Bell's billing department leverages their own technology, maybe that's a bad assumption. :rolleyes:
At the number of PPV film ordered every month do you really think that we will go throught each film make that verifcation? And how do you think our systems are supposed to know?
Like I Want My HDTV, I would have thought that the system within Express Vu would pick up on the Telephone number of the line being used to call in to order PPV's.....

If not then it should, it would be yet another security measure to stop people moving receivers around.

So just to clarify, if I take my receiver away with me, which I know is against Policy and I were to hook it up to a Phone Line, there is no way the System know where I am calling from.? Is that correct.?
Yes, as discussed in other threads the system will know throught the location ID...

On PPV purchase the system just place the order, it doesn't do a hole validation. I've seen instances were receivers were used in 2 locations (home and cottage) an PPV orders went throught no problem. Unfortunatly, as they called me and told me that receivers wee used in different locations I had to deactivate the receivers at te other location.

I don't think that a different location ID blocks PPV purchase
Yes, as discussed in other threads the system will know throught the location ID...
Location ID cannot show physical location. It is just the receiver ID and the time obtained from the sat signal.

The only verification that can be done is *IF* EV captures the caller ID info on the incoming call. Note Caller ID is not available everywhere as older telco switches still do not support it (although this is rare).

From the sounds of it though, the technology employed by EV is so antiquated that it is unlikely the system is capable of capturing and passing on the information, but you never know.
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