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Procedures for Buying and Selling of BTV Receivers - See Post 1

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I had a 3100, a 5800 and a 5900 in the house. Thinking of going HD. Question, if I get a HD receiver, am I allowed to sell the 3100 or the 5800. There are quite a few for sale (at decent prices) on certain famous auction sites. Not sure if Bev allows that anymore.

Edit by 57 - 2011.10.25. You should not sell or buy 9200 or 6100 receivers since they are being phased out and BTV will not activate them. See link below for more on the topic: (They can still be used for OTA so they may have some value to someone interested in that option)

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I liked the receiver "so much I bought the company"

If buying and selling of Bev receivers is any indication, it's unlikely anybody will be able to consummate the deal.

Now it's may be a good thing if there is some much needed house cleaning with the new owners.
Original orders are not placed by CSR...they are placed by direct sales, not my departement.

The 25% I used was based upon my personnal calculation, not official numbers.

They can look at the thread if they want what would it proove? They can go over the numrous calls that we receive in a day and easily find out many related to installation...

Order for move all you Bell services into one call most of the time doesn't get done... Why? Nobody knows, it's Bell Canada who places those order...

If you received installation to do that had the mention cancelled, maybe you should blame National Install...aren't they the ones dispatching the tasks? It's certainly not the CSR's job...

And why so many orders, cancelled by the cutomers shows as completed when you look then up in the system?

Orders with wrong equipement don't come from my departement. Direct sales, Bell Canada, Bell stores and even the client could have been the one doing the order.

A question for all the technicians...when you can not make an order you are given, or the adress as you say doesn't exist do you at least try to reach the customer?

I'm not bitching at anybody here...i'm just trying to explain that as many issues you techs may have with CSR, as many issues we have CSR's with you techs.

You are trying to say we make your work complicated, when you also make our work complicated.
Following the off topic, but if the wrong phone number, and wrong address is given for an installer to go and install a new dish, for an existing customer, how is the installer supposed to contact the customer?
I'm sure they are compensated for calls that are cancelled, but can they be expected to drive around, knocking on doors, asking is the person answering is John Doe, and would like their move dish installed?
I have had missed appointments too (The installer came in the morning, when it was booked for an afternoon appointment, and was told that I must have made the mistake, and taken the wrong half day off of work....)
The problem is in the call centers, and with management, and I'm sure that technicians contribute their part as well, but how is a technician at fault for not being able to find out, or activate a receiver that was purchased legally, and free of balance or owing on the account it was originally on?
I'm sure you will see more and more calls from installer errors though, with the new batch of technicians that Bell is hiring (Compact cars with ladders attached with bungy cords!!!)
A 20 minute powerpoint show at the technicians road show, dedicated to show the "technicians" how to put a connector on!!!
But, they were given dust busters to clean up the mess they will be making, seeing as many have never held a drill, ladder, wrench, screw driver, satellite meter prior to being hired
Smarten up Bell, and let people sell receivers without an inquest, and DNA sample, or continue to push people to sell them to those that wish to steal your satellite signal
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If they are provided the wrong telephone number I think that they should call back the dispatch center and verify with them the client's number and then call back...

If adress is wrong on oruiginal order you shoudn't balme CSR for that, we are not the one placing the orginal order

If it's a move order, we might be to blame...altought lot's of moving order, and not to say, most of the ones we have troubles with are placed throught Bell Canada.

It's also sad that we can not communicate at the call center directly with the technician, which would solve lots of problems
some techs are at fault, but the bulk of the blame needs to fall on bells shoulders
the tech is there to install
if csr's/call center people do not have the tools to communicate, it is beyond anything the tech can do
the company is still relatively young, so i guess bumps in the road are neccesary, but...
its not your fault either
dont worry
I can provide an even more bizarre scenario and this has happened quite frequently.

A Tech gets issued a "Move" installation, he contacts the customer because the address does not appear in Map Books or on-line, Mapquest, Google maps et al. The telephone is answered and when he requests directions the person says, and trust me this really does happen, "I don't know how to get here, it was dark last night and I have no idea what the major intersection is".....

Now thats quite amusing, as a third party but the Tech is now driving round looking for an address, the customer is home, and any calls into Express Vu result in the Tech and Installation Co being penalized for not being there and doing the call "within Interval".

Its an impossible situation that is not helped because Express Vu insist on using the Postal Codes as THE primary part of the address for issuing jobs. Do you know how many installations we get DAILY that have out of province phone numbers, because the customer has moved from Ontario to, say Nova Scotia and the CSR has used the OLD postal Code on the order because the client did not know the new one.!!!!

95% of our orders per day are incorrect. 10% have no-one home when we arrive, mostly because they did not know we were coming.

Come on Express Vu, work WITH the installers not against them

Nimiq 1
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After reading through this thread it seems like it may be prudent to take a large hammer to my two 2700's and be done with it.

Is BEV in the practice of 'contacting' people who have cancelled their service but still have a dish visible ?

I assume I should take some tinsnips to the cards.
I would sell them at a Yard Sale or e-bay.

Express Vu do not seem to care if they fall into the hands of "testers" so why should you.
I would sell the 2700s, complete with cards. If you don't have an eBay seller account, try the Buy and Sell Forum here. 2700's aren't worth a lot these days but it should be worthwhile.
You can also advertise it on www.********* it's free!

Just call us to let us know you sold it, preferably with the name of the buyer
Don't cut up your cards, it will make the receivers pretty much useless to a legit subber, see that it will cost $69 to replace them each.
You can also advertise it on www.********* it's free!

Just call us to let us know you sold it, preferably with the name of the buyer
Captain RedBeard usually doesnt give out his name when buying his receivers online
Cant the buyer tell you his name?
Can't we just give his personal info? CC# or SIN #?
Most people are reluctant to give out personal info ESPECIALLY on Kijiji, craigslist, etc..... For good reason
You will have to ship him the receiver...or meethim to give it to him

I understand that you shoudn't give personnal info on internet site, but once you are purchasing and meeting with the buyer I don't see what the problem is

This step is mostly for the buyer...if you just say I sold it with no name when he calls to activate cetain agents wil refuse to as we don't know for sure if he his the person whm you sold it to.
You can tell the CSR to let "whoever call's in" or"let anybody" activate it after you sell it.
I understand that you shoudn't give personnal info on internet site, but once you are purchasing and meeting with the buyer I don't see what the problem is

Meeting with the buyer?

Very very rarely would anyone selling something meet the buyer.
Gorilla I've sold several kids toys on the Kijiji site and each time I set an appoitement somewhere and met the buyer to give her the toy.

I sometimes prefer meeting someone at a store or something rather than have a stranger come into my house and scope the place out.
You have the name of whom you shipped it give us that name. If it was a fake name too bad for the buyer
I think this is part of the problem
If I were to sell one of my receivers, I would not give my name, nor would I ask for his, I don't care
If Bell doesnt want to activate it, to someone who wants to pay for their service, it is a very dumb move on their part, as they leave the current owner no choice but to sell it to someone who will use it to pirate, where no names are needed
I dont see what the big deal is
If there is no balance owing, Bell will know who the owner is by checking the serial numbers
If I have called in, and told Bell that I have sold the box at a garage sale, on the internet, where ever, I don't know why I have should have to know the buyers name
Can you tell me why ?
You don't have to tell them a name, you can tell the CSR to let "whoever call's in" or "let anybody" activate it after you sell it. They will enter that into the system.
I have sold 2 receivers and never gave a name and don't plan to.
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