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Procedures for Buying and Selling of BTV Receivers - See Post 1

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I had a 3100, a 5800 and a 5900 in the house. Thinking of going HD. Question, if I get a HD receiver, am I allowed to sell the 3100 or the 5800. There are quite a few for sale (at decent prices) on certain famous auction sites. Not sure if Bev allows that anymore.

Edit by 57 - 2011.10.25. You should not sell or buy 9200 or 6100 receivers since they are being phased out and BTV will not activate them. See link below for more on the topic: (They can still be used for OTA so they may have some value to someone interested in that option)

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I just sold a 9241 receiver on a Kijiji. It hasn't been in use in well over a year. I had the receiver deactivated from my account for the purpose of selling it and now the buyer is having issues getting it activated. Is it possible that because it had been sitting unplugged for quite a while that it can't be updated and therefore not activated on his account? Any other reason why it wouldn't be working for him? I plugged it in before selling it to him to clear the PVR and reset it to factory so that it would be in suitable order when he got it home.
Bell won't activate it for him onto his account or it won't work after they activated?
If bell won't activate it, what reason are they giving him?
If it won't come alive on his account what error is he getting?
You can have deactivated receiver on your account but only when bell removes it from the account it can be activated on a new account.
Usually bell only deactivates the receiver so sometimes second call is required to make sure that the receiver is removed from previous owners account.
Swapping out a 5100 for a used 6131 issues

I finally retired my old 5100 in the basement for a used 6131 I bought on Kijiji.
2 issues: I was able to go online and deactivate my 5100 and when I attempted to activate the used 6131 the serial numbers don't work.
I confirmed that the receiver was deactivated when they sold it. The serial number starts with R01 and the Bell website says it has to be R00.
Do I have to call it in?

Since I can't activate it I'm not sure if that is my second issue in that the new used 6131 doesn't see the satellites. Could the cabling that was for the 5100 not be setup to get both sats info?
I do have a 6131 upstairs that when I got it installed they changed my LNB and added more cabling so I can get all the channels but I'm not sure if I have to change any cabling that was used for the 5100 as it was SD only? Or can I just plug it in and it should work... once I can get it activated.

Often when activating a used receiver you must call in. The online function doesn't seem to work for used.
You will definitely have to call it in. For whatever reason online activation will not work for used receivers.
Only Receivers in Bell TV's New or Refurbished Database can be activated on-line, all others, like this one you have to call in, or use the on-line Chat System.
I got it working when I called into the Bell phone system.
Thanks to all,
Think I got Scammed

Bought a brand new in box 9400 on Craigslist (bad idea).Seller had a very believable story.
Tried to activate on-line but failed; called Bell and was told that this receiver is a rental...R# started with 18 instead of 00.
Would appreciate any advice regarding this receiver or do I have an expensive doorstop.
btw, Bell did say there was a name attached to this receiver but of course would not tell me who it was.
Anyone have a similar experience?

There are occasional stories like this on Digital Home unfortunately. If you paid via PayPal or Credit Card, you may be able to get your money back by contacting them. If it's cash, you can likely kiss it goodbye.
Jaygeetee, while this thread stresses getting the serial number checked with Bell before buying, I have been on hold for 45 minutes without speaking to someone while trying to check a serial number only to hand them them money without being able to verify anything, but I was at the sellers residence, so I at least knew where they lived.

I'm sure Bell has a fraud department, I think they should help, have you asked to speak to someone in regards to the fraud? Did Bell ask for their receiver back?
There is always the chance the person you bought from had been taken, too, but that too would be a fraud.
Contact your local Police, and ask if they might contact Bell to determine who was renting it, one call from them may make the seller realize they made a mistake and return your money.
Your out of luck. Bell owns that box. They will want it back and you will not get your money from them. If you are caught with you could be charged with theft. I don't know if they ever do that, but you could be.
I'm pretty sure they will send you a box to return it to them though.
Thank you for your responses...I will call Bell first as I think it behooves them to go after the renter.
Bell will not do anything about it, it is buyers responsibility to call Bell before buying a receiver. The problem is even greater with Bell Fibe PVR's, just check Kijiji to see how many are for sale, yet they are all technically rentals and as far as I know can not be activated with another customer. I am curious how many people are getting ripped off buying those PVR's
Correct, there will be no help from Bell. As Bell very rarely go after renters with delinquent accounts, they might not even send you a box to return it and even if they did, do you really want to confuse Bell by shipping a receiver that is not yours back to them ?
I guess you could keep it for parts and get another one. Or sell it for parts if Bell won't do anything for you which I doubt.
Let me tell you what Bell does when they find out you are in possession of a Leased Receiver.

I was given a 9241 receiver from my neighbour, who was cleaning out his basement apt. after his tenant fled without paying their rent. Red flags went up right away, so I called Bell to confirm this receiver. I was immediately forwarded to Bell Security.

Since I am also a Bell TV customer, Bell Security informed me that a $600.00 fee was immediately applied to my account, and would not be removed until I returned their receiver to them!

Nice! Thanks Bell for treating me like the bad guy. I requested they send a pre-paid box from FedEx or Purolator (can't remember who they use) to ship it back in, and they said no, it's my responsibility to box it, ship it, and pay for it.

Nice! Thank you again, Bell. After several phone calls, and the threat of cancelling my service, I suggested they send a Rep to my home and pick up "their" receiver.

They agreed to meet me half way, they came to my office in Toronto and picked it up.
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One other story, this happened last Friday.

I'm looking for two 6131's. A Kijiji ad in Toronto had 4 for sale, @ $25.00 each.

I requested the Receiver and Smart Card #'s for all 4.

When I called Bell, I was told they had been reported stolen.

I told the seller, who stated he was a "Storage Wars" guy who purchases auctioned storage lockers.

I suggested he contact the local Police, and turn them in.
I saw an ad on kijiji for 4 receivers last week. The guy even posted in his ad that they were rentals and would be for parts only. I reported the ad and it disappeared but the guy was back again this time didn't admit to being rentals.
Another time I found one at a garage sale. When called in to see if it could be activated they told it was rental and told me the street the guy lived on. They offered to send me a box to return it. I just told them I was not going to buy and I was going to let the owner deal with it. I don't think I even gave them my phone # and I as not calling from the phone that my account is on.
Last receiver I bought privately I was not able to activate online. When I called in I was told bought used receivers had to be activated over the phone. Could have just been a one time thing though.
Hi, I have a different experience than you did. I purchased a second hand receiver off someone privately, all he had to do was call Bell, tell them he was selling a receiver he owns outright.

He gave the serial no, they removed it. I am now told by the seller its removed, I actually tried activating it online myself and it worked like a charm. It was up and running in minutes and not once did I need to speak to the csr.
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