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Procedures for Buying and Selling of BTV Receivers - See Post 1

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I had a 3100, a 5800 and a 5900 in the house. Thinking of going HD. Question, if I get a HD receiver, am I allowed to sell the 3100 or the 5800. There are quite a few for sale (at decent prices) on certain famous auction sites. Not sure if Bev allows that anymore.

Edit by 57 - 2011.10.25. You should not sell or buy 9200 or 6100 receivers since they are being phased out and BTV will not activate them. See link below for more on the topic: (They can still be used for OTA so they may have some value to someone interested in that option)

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kwalsh24, are you a current Bell TV customer?, I would follow up as to what Bell could do for you, as they should have sent out notices on the Bell bill not to purchase 6100 and 9200's.
Did you contact Bell Prior to the purchase to ensure it was able to be registered as suggested in this forum? Has the "Seller" already been given the replacement receiver for that 9200, so you may have recourse with the seller.
The parts of the receiver may be still worth more than what you paid, such as remotes, etc, and the OTA PVR may still be worth the money.
Just some suggestions as to how this may be resolved.
Thanks for your response. I am an existing bell customer. I've emailed the seller however no response. He told me he never used the unit and it just sat around not activated. Ended up leaving bell over billing issues. Ill try back and see what bell has to say. I didn't have the units info to check with bell if the unit was able to be activated prior to purchase. I didn't know of this site till today when I did aa Google search to find out whats uup with the 9200. I have 2 of these units on my account currently with no issues or anythijg. So didn't know any better
Have you applied for the receiver swap on your existing receivers?, see,

Otherwise on the other unit you just bought, Bell may be able to offer you a retention offer, free PVR rental or discount see and discuss at

And welcome to Digital Home Forum.
Sounds like it was a rather steep learning curve kwalsh24 but you really should have verified the receiver was free to activate before purchase. It would not surprise me if he has not already got his 9242/9241 for that receiver.

I still see the odd 6000 model on E-Ba* from time to time, now I am sure there will be lots of 9200's on there.
Thanks dirtroad, ill check into that and see. Thanks for offering you help and ideas.
cant activate 9200

Hi I bought a free and clear 9200 on e bay and bell tells me I cant activate it .

the seller tells me that just last week Bell surprised everyone with this news it's Dec 3rd today 2011. does anyone have a web page that Bell put out (announcment ) stating this earlier than November 1 2011. I'm out $400. the add on e bay stated it was free and clear to be activated, but when I got it in mid november it wasn't deactivated by the seller and when it was, they would not activate it for me. now I'm told "good Luck" buy the seller and that's that.

Stuck in Winnipeg with a big silver door stop
Call Bell to find out if this 9200 was already swapped out. If not Bell should send you a 9241 or 9242. If its been already swapped out then the seller took you for a ride. Try small claims court.
Hi I bought a free and clear 9200 on e bay and bell tells me I cant activate it...
Stuck in Winnipeg with a big silver door stop
If you read post 1 of this thread and the link there you'll see that Bell will no longer activate 9200s. That has been the case since late October. Sorry you were sold a door stop. If you paid by paypal or credit card you might be able to get your money back - contact them, or contact the seller.
@57--> Bell is NOT suppose to activate them but they still did, as I mentioned in a previous post yesterday I was in front of someone who added a 9200 via the chat option without a problem, CSR online didn't ask a whole lot and didn't mention not being able to do it, Its just dumb luck or maybe he got lucky but the directive still stands that they AREN'T suppose to be added as per October 23th (Start day of Swap)

@orlando--> Sadly you need the satellite feed connected for the OTA to work, I guess this is to keep you from doing exactly what you want, but if you have a spare feed then your in business, otherwise you are out of luck, (only good for recorded content)
@Pinza--> I am surprised that an Installer wasn't able to do it and he didn't try calling back a second or third time to attempt again.
if only it was that

This was a Manager that was trying to activate it, the same manager that sent out the Bulletin to hundreds of Techs saying they will no longer be

If his Manager finds out there are piles of useless 9200's on the shefl he is going to look such a fool. I for one look forward to that time.....
That is a different story pinza, and when that day comes I will laugh a little inside too, Didn't you mention at one point you saw a skid of 9200 at a retailer's? LMAO
Oh yes, along side a full skid of 6100's and the newly arrived 9242's and UHF Pro remote extenders.

It is always a joy to see what is in some of these
Reporting to Flea Bay 9200's & 6100's

I have just spent 35 minutes on the phone with Flea Bay, reporting listings of 9200 & 6100 model Receivers, that should NOT be there for the reasons we are all well aware of.

I got through to a supervisor who deals with Bell TV and their Fraud Department on many other issues, it was an interesting conversation and thought I would share with you.

She tells me that Bell have yet to confirm in writing that these receivers are no longer being activated. (I sent her a .pdf).

She will verify my .pdf with her contact asap, she believes me but she is following the correct channels, good for her.

She had NO idea the 6100 was also included in this situation, nothing from Bell to indicate this at all.....

In my run-up to this call today, I took the liberty to contact 4 of the sellers of the 9200's and obtain R00#'s. I then used my contacts to check these number3.

THREE are from 9200 models, that have been swapped out already.....

When Bell told us that the 9200 could be kept, do we think they should have also told us that they can no longer be sold for the purpose of being a Satellite Receiver.? Is this something they missed on their part, as now people are selling them and believing they can be activated or are sellers just trying to scam the buyer.?

Wow Bell, what a mess.
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When Bell told us that the 9200 could be kept, do we think they should have also told us that they can no longer be sold for the purpose of being a Satellite Receiver.? Is this something they missed on their part, as now people are selling them and believing they can be activated or are sellers just trying to scam the buyer.?
I'm guessing that it's a little of both. Some of them are problem people honestly thinking "I just got a new receiver to replace this, I don't need it anymore, might as well make a few bucks", and the rest are knowingly trying to scam people. I personally haven't seen any of the letters that went out to inform customers of the swap, so I'm not sure how they worded everything, but I'm sure that Bell could have done a better job to inform people that the replaced receivers will be useless.

I know that they would never do this, but Bell should have sent something out to every customer, maybe not going into all the details of the swap, but at least letting customers that 9200s and 6100s would not be activated any more so don't bother buying them off eBay/kijiji.
Very valid point JoeLouie, a 1 line piece of text on every Bill might have educated a lot of people. Whereas now, we are once more putting out fires.

And who will get it in the Neck.? The next Bell Tech who arrives at the door....
Lots of posts moved to this thread. The web is full of stuff that is misrepresented or is stolen. It is the responsibility of the buyer to check to see if what he buys can be used for the intended purpose and certainly not to believe a seller, especially if it's an individual.

There are lots of stolen Motorola, SA, etc STBs that are not activated by major cable providers (Shaw, Rogers, US) etc, yet they are still for sale. The 9200 case is slightly different in that they are not stolen, and they can still be used for OTA. Some smaller (Cable) providers will still activate Motorola STBs (even if stolen), but the trade in these decreased tremendously when the majors started refusing to activate them.

Pinza, thanks for your efforts with eBay, but since the STBs can be sold quite legally for OTA use, I don't think a blanket ban on them is appropriate.

As an FYI, there are some cable STBs that are legitimate sales - from a customer in good standing to another customer with the same cable company (Videotron, Rogers, Shaw, Cogeco, etc.)

As always: Caveat Emptor.
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Point taken 57.....
If the seller is selling 9200s and 6100s as OTA receivers, I think that is legitimate. That is how I sold mine.
It is a good thing we have this site so we know what is happening with bell so at least we are informed.
Such a nice thread about the 6100 - 9200. Left Bev 5 months ago and found a friend who wanted to buy the two working receivers I have sitting around. Went to install them and found out about the new "will not activate" policy. Talked to a supervisor with Bev and was told they are now useless. Very upset but nothing I can do. Just to be aware the supervisor told me it was in the customers best interest to have the entire Bev system updated to mpeg4. Now if we know anything about compression and have 2 working eyes it is evident that mpeg4 is more compressed than mpeg2 and from what I see the viewing experience was better with the mpeg2. So in the long run yes a subscriber will get more channels with mpeg4 but less quality. Just what we all wanted when many have gone to great expense to have the ability of 1080p along with all the expensive equipment to run it. All the big players are going the same direction. Telus optik is no exception. I can see a real degrade in quality using optik after having the old mpeg2 Bev. They all want to give us more of the lower quality mpeg4 channels. Lovely.
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