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Procedures for Buying and Selling of BTV Receivers - See Post 1

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I had a 3100, a 5800 and a 5900 in the house. Thinking of going HD. Question, if I get a HD receiver, am I allowed to sell the 3100 or the 5800. There are quite a few for sale (at decent prices) on certain famous auction sites. Not sure if Bev allows that anymore.

Edit by 57 - 2011.10.25. You should not sell or buy 9200 or 6100 receivers since they are being phased out and BTV will not activate them. See link below for more on the topic: (They can still be used for OTA so they may have some value to someone interested in that option)

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bh7h said:
Just a word of caution on selling your receivers on an auction site, if the person buys it for illegal purpose (ie does not activate it with Bell) they WILL remain in your file until they do.

I have sold one 5100 2 years ago and it is still on my account... I have had some heated discussion with BEV to take them out but they told me it cannot be done..:mad:
I show 14 on my account of which four are active. Sold the others to legit users who have activated them...and Bell insists they stay there till heck freezes over...

Amazing that I have those 3500s and 2700s still showing though! And it is a great laugh at work when people start discussing the number of IRDs you can have on one account!! LOL

I still have three 6000s showing as well!!!
peano said:
Also, if you currently have three receivers active and sold three others in the past and the buyers never activated them, you still have six receivers on your account according to Bell and cannot add any more.
I just took a moment and checked...still shows 14 and I know the two 2700s and the three 6000s have been activated by friends on their own accounts.

Those recievers...when you activate one it stays on your account forever, active or inactive under your matters not. they never go away.

I'll bet there is some IRD out there that has changed hands numerous times and is showing on three or more inactive.

Bell is so screwed up in their manner of accounting for IRDs.
peano said:
Bell told me six was the limit, even though I only had three active and had sold three.

They would NOT let me activate a "seventh" receiver. So I sold it on ebay for twice what I paid for it. I suppose if I played CSR roulette for a few hours, I could have activated it.

Instead I switched to Rogers and got a free HD PVR when they had the Winback offer.
There are two different things being discussed here.

1. Total number of IRDs showing on your account which includes Active and Inactive (no longer in service)

2. Total number of Active IRDs

Bell seems to NEVER remove an IRD from your list of IRDS that you have activated whether or not they are currently Active.

The total number of ALLOWED Active IRDs (tuners actually!!!!) used to be eight (8) WAY back and is currently six (6).

Bell can be so much fun to deal with at times...
I_Want_My_HDTV said:
It's IRDs, not tuners. I had 2 9200s and 4 others active for a short time last year. Dish contract reads tuners not IRDs.

Bell's still reads one IRD and up to five additional IRDs!!! My Bell contract (circa 1998) allows eight IRDs.

Guess I should buy a whack of dual tuner

My apologies!
Not true, I currently have more than 6 receiver's registered to me, but only 6 active receiving programming. You can have more than 6 receivers registered, but only allowed to have 6 active. Two Bell CSR 's I have talked to have confirmed this. There is no limit of the number receivers that canbe registered to your name.
Agreed...last time I looked my account (on Bell's website) lists 14 receivers. Six of them were 6000s that Bell sent to me for ONE owned unit that they kept sending DOAs. I have talked and talked till I am blue in the face about these warranty replacements listed on my account.

By the brother in law bought one of my 4700s and activated it on his sub and yet it is still listed on my account as well as on his...LOL. Some system Bell has.

The fun part is at one time I had five units active on my sub. I tried to online activate a new could do as "I already had 14 on my account". Took a while and finally got someone on the phone and bingo the sixth unit was activated.
Yes there is a promotion for HD upgrade, just go on bell's website and click on offers for currrent subscribers.
It is not really a good promo... simply a refund on the "Rental kit" and free programming for six months. You can (negotiate) get the same on any purchase or rental agreement without threatening to leave..

"+ Available with All-in-One HD Kit purchase, 1-yr HD rental equipment agreement and subscription to the HDTV Programming Pack. Early termination fees apply. Customer must purchase and register the All-in-One HD Kit and activate the system within 60 days of registration. Kit credit then applies on the account, before taxes. HDTV Programming Credit is applied monthly on the account, before taxes; allow 4 weeks. May not be available to customers
who have subscribed to the HDTV Programming Pack in the last 6 months. Installation includes up to 2 tuners; not available everywhere. Other conditions apply."
I just sold off two of my never activated 3100s. Been sitting around for almost two years and I actually bought them for $79 for the pair (3150 box...I needed the dish and one LNB) almost two years ago.

The guy had no problem activating them (well they were never activated before!!!) and now I have a couple hundred to spend on another new HD box.

I would be very interested in the 9200 refurbs at $299. Anyone have a number that I can call as there are no Bell stores here!!!!
And a 6000 for $70? You can get $300 plus for them!!!
300$???The 6100 was worth 299$ when they were still in sales...

I know that you certainly can get more than the 70$ Bell is offering taught
I said I know why you are unaware of many things at EVu...

The 6000 did not start selling at $299 either...
If the receiver is not activated, I belive, whithin 60 days you would have a penalty of 179$ if I remember well. Best option just hook them to the TV, activate them and call when you sold it to deactivate it and leave the note that they are sold.

That said I would agree with Nimiq 1 that it would probably take a while before the receivers become obsolete...
I wouldn't activate them... Bell has a nasty habit of charging a fee when you activate a "used" IRD. Better to tell them (IF they try and charge you a fee) that you bought them and are renovating a new HT room.

It seems to be hit and miss with the receiver fee... also if you sell them the buyer probably will get a one year warranty from when they activate the IRDs.

I have two 3100s that I bought in 2005 still in the box (one of the 3150 packages) from FS as "spares". They were onsale... at $69 for the package and I needed an LNB...was the quickest and cheapest way! I actually sold the dish for $50 so the LBN cost me $19 and I got two free IRDs. LOL.

Never activated and never charged any fee.

just my thoughts...
One of the problems in having the max number of receivers on your account is that you must call and speak to a CSR to remove one to be able to add one. You can not do this online or via the Bell IVR phone system.

Then again... who cares!!! lol
Yepper..........this is the only pain when you are out and about and do an impulse buy, or want to and can't............LOL
You can buy receivers even if you have the max on your account. You just can not activate it unless you deactivate one at the same time or previous to activation. I just bought a 6141S and I already have the max on my account.

Required a call to a CSR, I didn't tell them I had a new unit to activate. I just said I wanted to deactivate one of my units. Went through the spiel... then they said "that is done and is there anything else I can help you with today?".

THEN I ask then to activate the new unit. Works nice and smoothly as opposed to saying I have a new uint I want activated... LOL
On top of the maximum number of receivers, I have two 3100s and one 4100s "deactivated" in my closet. I also have four brand new in the box 3100s (onsale at $69.00 for the 3150 two pack & dish) which I bought at one of the Big Box stores via mail order in 2006 which have never been activated or "pre-authorized" via IRIS. They just sit there and collect dust, BUT if I ever need one I have them!

(I know...I have a sickness!!! lol)

At one point I had the Executive Office remove all the old systems (dead, in closet, etc). That saves a LOT of explaining to the %#@^ CSRs when I call in. My list was at 25 receivers at that time. They never removed any of the warranty replacements!!!!! Or the dead units not under warranty!
Yea, I am well aware of the Smartcard issue, but what can you do? I have been deactivating existing units and activating the old units to cover off the cards. Last time around on the card swap, if you were one rev back there was no problem, BUT who knows what Bell TV will do THIS time!!!!!
I just activated two brand new in the box 3100s that I have had sitting around for a couple of years (bought online from FS that's how old they were! with one generation back cards).

No problem activating them and the new cards are being mailed out ASAP. Of course I shall wait & see if and when the cards arrive!!!!
Just activated a 3100 that I had bought a while back from flea bay. Was new in box and had the previous gen smartcard. Called up Bell, got a CSR, checked the firmware, IRD and smartcard numbers and activated it. Now I have 198 and a new N3 card on the way out to me.

The "current" Bell policy appears to be that if the card in the box is one gen old (previous gen) they will provide a N3 card at no charge. If it is two or more generations old, they will sell you a N3 for $100, but they recommend you buy a new sub-$100 receiver (aka 3100/4100).
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