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barter said:
That's right, Expressvu will not activate receiver's listed under someone else's name. The owner must call to transfer ownership.
I bought a receiver on a construction site 5 years ago from a guy named Jack the ironworker, I do not know anything else about him after the job finished I called to activate the receiver they asked for the name of the first owner I told them what I stated above,they said they could give me the name of the owner and I could call and get them to call Bell and release the receiver, I said if you ever give my name out to anyone for any reason I will involve my lawyer, if they want they can make that call and get a release that was up to them.I said if they did not want activate I could go to *choice they said they would activate but if the first owner wanted the receiver back they would involve me.
That was 5 years ago it was a 2700 and I have bought other models since but the $10 2700 is the only one I never had a problem with.
1 - 1 of 673 Posts
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