Over the last week Shaw Direct, Canada's second largest direct to home (DTH) satellite television distributor, has been quietly and slowly rolling out new firmware - version 06.22 - for the company's HDDSR 605 and HDPVR 630 direct-to-home satellite receivers.

The update began with a select group of Shaw Direct customers last week, however, it has only been in the last few days that the majority of Digital Home readers received the new firmware.

Unlike past updates, the company has nothing about what issues the new firmware is expected to address. Customer service representatives have simply told customers they could expect an update soon.

At first, Shaw Direct users appeared largely unaffected by the firmware update, however, as more members receive the update, Digital Home is now beginning to receive more complaints about a massive slow down in the speed of the user interface, spontaneous resets, lost recordings, and missed recordings.

One Digital Forum member named Millstone received the following message on heir HDPVR 630 after the upgrade "PVR error: Reminders and upcoming recording events have been lost! Existing recordings have been recovered. Please re-set your Recording Events."

Tell us how your firmware update went in Digital Home's Shaw Direct discussion forum.

Update Sept 8th: Shaw Direct today added the following on their website describing new features in the firmware .
  • Shortened guide loading times with  access to 14 days of programming information
  • New background reminder and recording planning for  finding and scheduling favourite shows
  • Improved title and interests search
  • Smart PVR recording allows you to easily record more movies (HDPVR only)
  • PVR list enhancements show you which programs have been watched (HDPVR only)