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Just set up a new router to replace my ancient D Link DI-624 (was dropping wireless and reverting date to 2002). The new router is the Asus RT-N16, and while the set up went ok, I am having some problems.

Problems so far:
Can't access internet wirelessly on an XP laptop. It will connect to the router with an excellent signal, but fails to load pages in a browser. Works fine hard wired to router. (Works fine on my Vista laptop).

On PS3, I can't get into a game in MW2. I can get in the lobby, and it will go to the "synchronizing game settings" screen, but kicks me out with a "timed out" message.

On both laptops (wired XP, and wireless Vista), pages in a browser load SLOW. Much slower than my old DI-624. I would have thought it would at least equal the performance of the D Link.

My connection is Bell Rural internet. Not super fast, but just about the best one can do out in the country.

Running the latest Asus firmware. Haven't tried WRT, Oleg, or Tomato (and won't until I can at least get both laptops working wirelessly).

Any advice for me before I send this thing back to Amazon? Currently back on the DI-624 for now to lower my frustration level...:mad:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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