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Problems with dad's viewsat setup(hasn't worked for months)

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Hey everybody, I've been trying to find a good Canadian forum and came across here so I hope you don't mind me asking some questions.

My dad has a viewsat reciever/box and 2 satellite dishe's. One dish is aimed to get european(polish) channels and the other in a different direction for american movie channels/network. The playback was all in SD, not in HD.

A few months(or a year or more ago), supposedly FTA had a problem with the viewsat and the network was taken down or something so now it doesn't pickup anything.

Would this be an easy fix? reposition the dishes? or would he need a new reciever?

Any suggestions? I wish I could be more descriptive about this problem or the specific reciever at this time, but I can get more information from him later and post here if needed.
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We won't help you steal pay services here (which is probably what he was doing, and why it does not work anymore).

We can help you get the legal FTA back.

My advice would be to find the factory or last official firmware for the receiver to start, install it on the receiver and do a factory reset.

Second would be to totally remove the DBS dish system, leaving only the real linear Ku dish (or replacing it all with one).

Then you would do a blind scan on that dish. You might want to at least peak the dish for best signal. G19 at 97W is a good start for the FTA hobby, as it has many East European/Arabic/Persian/Asian/Christian channels.
If one of the two dishes is at least 33 inches in size, it can be reused by pointing it to any KU band satellite assuming a linear and not a circular LNBF is on the dish. If it's a circular LNBF, it would need to be replaced with a linear. If both dishes are smaller than 30 inches, I would get a new dish at least 33 inches in size, preferably 36 inches. The Viewsat satellite receiver will work fine for what it was designed for, to receive unencrypted FTA channels.

As far as Polish programming is concerned, there is one polish channel on SES 1 at 101 degrees West. Once pointed to the satellite, the following transponder needs to be scanned for TV TRWAM (add if not already on the list)

TP: 12120
Polarity: V
SR: 30000
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