Are you curious about how many Canadians are still using landline telephones?

Primus Canada was. The telecommunications provider worked with research firm Angus Reid and polled 1,516 people across Canada to find: 83 percent of Canadians have an active home phone line.

Despite the smartphone craze, many Canadians choose to maintain a home phone line for the the simple fact that it's tied to their household or family, rather than just to them personally.

People prefer landlines to stay connected to those closest to them. In fact, 67 percent say their extended family members contact them primarily at their home number, followed by friends at 63 percent, parents at 49 percent, spouse/partner at 47 percent and kids at 35 percent.

"Home phones provide a very reliable means of communication that you can't always get from a mobile phone, and clearly Canadians still value the personal touch of a phone call," said Rob Warden, Sr. VP of Residential Services at Primus.

In gleaning other other communication preferences, 33 percent of respondents said email was their first choice, followed by 30 percent who used phones, 23 percent who preferred online social media and 11 percent favouring text messaging.

Relaying good news and important messages by phone is still the Canadian way, apparently. For example, 56 percent call to say "Happy Birthday!" where only 20 percent choose social media, 12 percent email and 5 percent text message.

Similarly, to congratulate someone on a job promotion, 48 percent of Canadians will call to do so versus 24 percent choosing email, 12 percent using social media and 7 percent sending a text.

Email does win over the phone slightly when it comes to keeping in touch on a regular basis with 33 percent choosing email versus 30 percent selecting a phone call. Nearly 23 percent chose social media and 11 percent voted for text messaging.

However, email is the big winner overall when it comes to typical Internet use. Almost 95 percent indicate email is their most popular online activity, followed by general research at 81 percent, banking at 77 percent, checking news at 65 percent and social networking at 59 percent.

Obviously, many Canadians do prefer to use cell phones. Statistics Canada reported that 13 percent of Canadian households reported using a cellphone exclusively in 2010, up from 8 percent in 2008. Not surprisingly, 50 percent of households in the 18-34 age bracket were using only cellphones in 2010, a big jump from 34 percent two years earlier.

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