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Hi all,

I'd like to share my experience trying to move my Primus triple-bundle service from Ontario to BC. It seemed like a good idea at the time, however the installer showed up earlier than I was told and left because I wasn't at the new house yet. When I called Primus later in the day to find out where the technician was, I was told he'd already been and gone, and the next possible install date was over two weeks away. I needed internet up and running ASAP because my wife works from home, so I told them to cancel my bundle and I arranged for a different provider who showed up a few days later.

I was annoyed, but no big deal, however a couple weeks later my MC was billed for $125 which was the triple-bundle cost for the new month (for which I wasn't getting any service since I'd cancelled), plus an activation fee. I called Primus and was told that I had been mistakenly billed, however they couldn't reverse the charge until the next billing period and that I would receive a refund then.

A month later, I received a new bill. The $25 activation fee had been reversed, but an additional month of service had been billed. Luckily they no longer had authorization to charge my MC, but I called Primus anyway to discuss. Again I was told, yes, sorry, you're still owed a refund, don't pay the bill and everything will be sorted out on the next billing period.

Well, last night I got yet another bill for another month's service plus last month's charge. I've now disputed the previous charge with MC and emailed Primus this time (I don't feel like waiting on hold again). Hopefully MC reverses the charge and I can ignore Primus from now on. I'm really not impressed...

Thanks for reading!
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