Primus Business Services (NYSE: PTGI) has launched its enhanced PrimusCloud Server to allow Canadian business clients more control over their hardware performance.

The PrimusCloud Server platform provides enhanced levels of end-client management capabilities and has two distinct levels of storage performance - standard cloud and premium cloud.

Primus created a single cloud product that spans the different grades of SAN (Storage Area Network) capabilities, making it easier for customers to control their infrastructure, including all of their networking and server components.

"Many businesses find that losing control of their infrastructure when hosting in the cloud is frustrating," said AJ Byers, Executive Vice President of Primus Business Services. "Our clients want to remain in control of platform performance and the recent enhancements to our Primus cloud portfolio give clients the effective control that they require to properly manage their cloud infrastructure."

To simplify the operation of the new platform, Primus offers varied IOPS/GB (input/output operations per second) and an easy to use dashboard featuring direct links for clients to manage all their cloud equipment. Cloud users also get console access, unlimited private networks, the ability to upload their own images, and clone servers.

Byers adds: "The needs of businesses are more diverse than ever with a greater demand for superior performance and reliability but increasingly it's about more control. With a multi-tiered offering to infrastructure, platform and data, Primus enables businesses of all sizes to take advantage of a public cloud offering, but with all the benefits of a private cloud. No other Canadian provider is putting as much creative attention into cloud service configuration than Primus and today's enhancement is a perfect reflection of the results of our focus."

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