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^^^ thanks so much :)

ive been checking since and no channels work @ any time of day nor commercials etc -_-

guess i'll have to get a stabilizer

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The copy protection issue has arrived in Rogers territory.
I had been making DVD copies of VOD shows. My Toshiba DR7 recorder was connected to the copy to VCR outputs of my 8300HD PVR. I used to be able to record anything I viewed but no more. All VOD programs now trigger a "cannot record warning" on the DVD recorder. If it is currently recording, the recorder will pause as soon as the show begins. If it is stopped, it will not start recording. Details below.

1. What programmes can you not record?
All VOD programs.

2. Which channels are affected?
100, 210, 211 probably all other VOD channels as well.

3. What make/model is your STB?
Scientific Atlanta 8300HD

4. That make/model recorder? (DVD recorder or VCR)
Toshiba DR7

5. Who is your service provider and your location?
Rogers - Thornhill

6. Connection used? (composite, S-video, etc)
RF channel 3 and composite.

7. Do you know the 5C settings and are they what's impacting your recording?

8. Have you found a workaround? - briefly describe, or provide a link.
Not yet. Working on it....

9. Have you contacted your service provider? What did they say?

10. Is there a "message" that comes on screen saying you can't record? What is that message?
can't record protected program (so something close)

11. Any other pertinent information? - like does this only affect recent movies, etc.
problem began about 1 month ago.
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