Can a test subject be convinced he has the power to melt solid objects using only the power of his mind? That's one of the "scientific gags" to be seen on a new Discovery channel show premiering next week.

Scheduled for 13 episodes, Prank Science is a 30 minute Canadian comedy show which mixes strange science and practical jokes. Call it a Geek edition of Just For Laughs Gags.

Producers of the show say that each segment of the show is built around a remarkable piece of science; then the team invites unsuspecting members of the public (or “test subjects”) to be a part of it.

In the premiere episode, one test subject’s career as an infomercial host takes a turn for the worse. On his very first day on the job, he discovers that the miracle health shake he’s endorsing causes a dangerous parasite to grow inside anyone who drinks it. He only finds out after consuming it himself. Also, the team uses waterproof sand to cheat their way into – and win – a sandcastle-building competition; and a maintenance worker’s day goes horribly wrong when she accidentally sets her boss on fire.

Sample of other Pranks include:
  • Using a few LED lights and what’s called an infinity mirror, the team convinces a terrified subject that aliens have landed on Earth.
  • The team hijacks and remotely controls a golf cart using only a smart phone, creating havoc on the course.

Prank Science begins Monday, September 19 at 8 p.m. ET/9 p.m. PT on Discovery Channel.

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