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Posting images to task bar

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I have had to re install my XP operating system and am slowly getting back to where it was a week ago. I have quite a few large photo collections from world travels over the years and I used to be able to transfer selected photos to the Task Bar. Open one collection, right click on a photo, cllck on "open in new window", click on minimize symbol in upper right corner and the "data" would appear in Task Bar. I could load about 20 such items then a second tier would appear, accessed by clicking on arrow on right end of bar. After the reinstall last week I can still get 12 such items but then it reverts to choices of stacking vertically or horizontally or some other (non) choices. What did I do before and what am I missing to extend number of photos? sailmaker
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Fuggedaboudit. It started working properly on its own after I threatened it with a sledge hammer. Actually it did revert without my knowingly doing anything. There might be something to this dumb luck thing. This post is closed. :D sailmaker
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