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I am not holding my breath yet, but this looks VERY promising:

This paragraph in particular is what took my breath away for a minute:

Step up to the Envive Panorama Total DVR and enjoy ATSC and NTSC TV recording with support for up to 8 TV tuners in a single server. Set recordings and access your recorded TV from anywhere in the world with built in Placeshifting. With Panorama you can control and record content from one of many supported High Definition Cable Boxes via firewire. And unlike Cable Card technology, you can still pause, record, and view your Premium High Definition Content without being restricted by the limitations of Cable Card . Furthermore, if you’ve been watching a program that you wish you had recorded, Panorama automatically stores 2 hours of previously viewed TV giving you the ability to record the past!
The sheer fact that it effectively encompases every type of tuner/STB integration that is currently available is probably the most intriguing part.
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