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First of Im a IT admin and second I live with a Telus IT network Engineer here in BC,

First off of I dispointed port 80, 443 & 3389 are blocked by defult on the ISP end for us dynamic Ip users.

Well heres my story. I have a windows Home Server 2003

I configured ISS to work with 8080 / 4443 (to get around port blocking) I useing to set up Number here) to acces my server from the out side world I even have ftp setup at 5000

Note : I HAVE NO SOFTWARE FIREWALLS ON. Router is set to NAT for firewall settings.

The issue I having ever since I lost my 2700HG-E is that I can no longer get PortForwording to work at all.. evne though I have it setup.

My biggest issue is that Telus OEM Modems/Router Combos have garbage Firmware.. Anything with telus writen on it is garbage when it comes to firmware...

Im unable to figure out how to (replaces the garbage firmware with a stander one suppled by the Manfacture.

well here my issue in images it be easyer to follow..

my website setup with the right ports.

my Firewall settings[img]

my outcome is

no my
or my DOSE NOT WORK AT ALL. evne though I have portforwording turned on and no software firewall installed/oh

DMZ dose not work ether whe nI put my server outside...

all ports kick back as blocked even though there openned..

IM about to toss ever thing that has "OEM Telus writin on it/in it" and replace the entire setup with my DSL-2320B ADSL2/2+ Ethernet/USB Modem and a REAL router very soon... nother that is handy capped but CRAPPY ISP FIRMWARE... (PS I do not use Telus TV)

any help be nice on this one? whats a really decent router that I have no issues configuing port forwording on?
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