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Well, since Point Pleasant was booted because of the American Idol screwup on Thursday, I went to check the Fox site to see when they would be rescheduling the show to air. Looks like Fox has done it to me again. That was going to be the last episode aired anyway as it looks like Fox has cancelled Point Pleasant based on the rants I read in the Fox Forum. Looks like they also cancelled Johnny Zero.

It amazes me that Fox never seems to give these shows much of a chance. We had what, 5 or 6 episodes aired of each of these? How do they expect people to get into these shows if they only air a few weeks?

I watched both of these shows every week and REALLY enjoyed Point Pleasant. It was very refreshing considering all the other crappy reality shows on TV right now.

To me, this is the reason why Fox never shows up well in the ratings other than a couple of shows. They just never give shows much of a chance and I'm sure viewers have caught on and simply do not tune to new shows on Fox knowing the odds are it will be cancelled a few weeks later.

They did the same thing to me with John Doe. I was watching this every week, they played a whole season, played the season finale with a cliff hanger ending and then did not renew it... :mad:

Whoever is running Fox needs to wake up and give these shows a chance!
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