Prime Minister Stephen Harper has named Jean-Pierre Blais, the new chairman of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.
Replacing Leonard Katz, Blais is well-qualified for the 5-year appointment, having held senior positions in government as well as at the CRTC itself.
Stephen Harper said  Blais "brings a strong legal background and a comprehensive understanding of the broadcasting and telecommunications sectors`` to the new role, which becomes effective on June 18th.
With the lines between traditional telecom and broadcasting blurring, the new environment may need new regulation. Also, whether to create a national set of standards for wireless telephone contracts is a major issue on the agenda.
The regulator is also reviewing whether to allow CBC to run ads on some of its French-language radio channels and has to make a decision on whether to impose conditions on BCE Inc.’s acquisition of Astral, which impacts numerous media assets and the telecom provider`s domination within the industry.
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