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Plex - Media Player / Center

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Don't know if this has been mentioned before but in my quest to find a better 1080p stream player I stumbled upon something called Plex.

It works on OS X (I've confirmed this) and iOS.

It seems to be based on XBMC (much of the same functions) and is by far the best HTPC interface I've seen (not that I've seen many though).

It streams 1080p videos from my Popcorn Hour wirelessly (wireless-N) without a hitch. Before this mplayer was my choice for doing this but the newer versions are having issues with it.

It's a little heavy duty as a simple media player but the extra weight is more than worth it - at in my opinion.
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I keep my Windows PC (server) on all the time, but it does consume 180 watts (in efficiency mode, 275+ watts when working). If I bought a mac Mini, I'd likely leave it on all the time. I read somewhere that the measured idle power use is about 13 watts and normal use is 22 watts. It uses a 85 watt power supply. I figure at a wattage difference of 158 watts, 24/7/365 use at 11 [email protected] is $158 a year savings.

I assume the mac Mini from a CPU viewpoint is powerful enough.

I think I am going to wait for the next mac Mini hardware refresh.
Danno100, I understand. The Mac Mini uses 1.5W when sleeping so running the Apple all the time vs. sleeping when not using will likely cost about $10 extra a year. It's not huge sum, however, I like to save every bit of energy that I can for fiscal and environmental reasons.
Hugh, Are you running Lion or Mountain Lion by chance? From what I read this does not happen in Snow Leopard and maybe thats why im not having it happen to me.
Running Mountain Lion. I believe the problem began in Lion.
It did start in Lion and lots of people complaining about it. Part of the reason I stuck with SL on my mini. I do have other issues with the client though that hopefully are fixed in the next release
Just installed plex on Mac and roku box. I'm couldn't believe how simple it was to set up. And seems great so far :)
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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