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First of all hello everyone :)

I'm new here and sorry if I opened thread in a wrong category.

now talk about business...

I need Digital HD Player...
My fav. ones are

1 - Western Digital WD TV Live

2 - Micca EP600

Guys Please, help me, I have just a few questions...
I live in Georgia and I can't test my own, because of a simple reason, I can't find these 2 streamers in shops...
therefore I have to purchase via online shop...

The main function'd be playing movies via External HDD.

1 - I know both of them supports tons of formats, but does any of them support MENUs in downloaded Blu-Ray images? Can I change subtitles/audio? also how can I play M2TS streams?
2 - Does it support CUE Playlists? (I know FLAC is supported but most of lossless albums are managed by playlists)
3 - What about Remote Control response time?
4 - Can I manually add SRT subtitles?
5 - Does one of them lag while playing BD? also what can you say about quality?
6 - Cooling system durability etc.
7 - Customer Support/Firmware releasing group

that's all my questions.

I'm depended to your advise guys...

Thanks :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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