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Please help me, 8300 just froze, rebooted and I lost ALL!

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Hi guys,

Seems like once every 6 months I lose everything on the Apricorn Xpander. what am I doing wrong?

Here is my problem. Just got home, turned on TV and SA 8300 with an Apricorn 1 Tb Xpander. All has been fine for at least 6 months. got over 180 recordings but not even half full. Started watching a recording and pressed on guide to see what is playing in the meantime.

Well the PVR froze and rebooted all by itself. external drive I could see stayed on, green LED always lit. TV also stayed on. PVR displayed Boot instead of time on the front and then blank.

came back after about 5 minutes. I still see ALL my recordings on the list but when I choose something it just goes back to default 998 channel screen suggesting I press the list button to choose a recording.

I know those recording aren't wiped. external drive is fine. WHAT CAN I DO? over 100 of those recordings are my kids' stuff. it will break their hearts to miss that stuff.

PLEASE, there has to be a fix!
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What would be best way? unplug and re-plug? the button short cut in the FAQ without unplugging it from wall or the remote control one?
Rebooted using this method:

To reboot your STB without unplugging it, press the two volume buttons and the info button simultaneously (all three buttons at the same time on the STB itself). Do not touch anything on the box or the remote until the time appears (takes a couple of minutes). Even then, it may take some time for the IPG to reload its information.

still nothing.

any other suggestions? Any help would be REALLY appreciated.
Thanks for the feedback Larry.

Well I don't think the problem is anywhere related to the external drive at all because this did not happen out of nowhere. I was actually watching a recording from the external drive and when pressed "guide" the PVR rebooted but the EHDD remained on.

When the PVR came back AND when I rebooted a second time the message saying this External drive works with this unit DID appear. So it knows it's there. All my recordings are still on the list so I really don't get why it cannot get them.
Hi Tanta, I will give it a try.

First I assume I should power off the HDD BEFORE I unplug it no?

Still nothing. It is so depressing to see ALL my recordings on the playlist and not be able to view them.

last time this happened was when we lost power for longer than the battery backup can hold.

it is definitely related to how the 8300 "sees" on the eXpander because it has never happened randomly. It's never been the eXpander that stops working all of a sudden. it's after the 8300 looses power and reboots, all of a sudden no more access to recordings on list.
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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