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Please help me, 8300 just froze, rebooted and I lost ALL!

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Hi guys,

Seems like once every 6 months I lose everything on the Apricorn Xpander. what am I doing wrong?

Here is my problem. Just got home, turned on TV and SA 8300 with an Apricorn 1 Tb Xpander. All has been fine for at least 6 months. got over 180 recordings but not even half full. Started watching a recording and pressed on guide to see what is playing in the meantime.

Well the PVR froze and rebooted all by itself. external drive I could see stayed on, green LED always lit. TV also stayed on. PVR displayed Boot instead of time on the front and then blank.

came back after about 5 minutes. I still see ALL my recordings on the list but when I choose something it just goes back to default 998 channel screen suggesting I press the list button to choose a recording.

I know those recording aren't wiped. external drive is fine. WHAT CAN I DO? over 100 of those recordings are my kids' stuff. it will break their hearts to miss that stuff.

PLEASE, there has to be a fix!
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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