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Please help me, 8300 just froze, rebooted and I lost ALL!

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Hi guys,

Seems like once every 6 months I lose everything on the Apricorn Xpander. what am I doing wrong?

Here is my problem. Just got home, turned on TV and SA 8300 with an Apricorn 1 Tb Xpander. All has been fine for at least 6 months. got over 180 recordings but not even half full. Started watching a recording and pressed on guide to see what is playing in the meantime.

Well the PVR froze and rebooted all by itself. external drive I could see stayed on, green LED always lit. TV also stayed on. PVR displayed Boot instead of time on the front and then blank.

came back after about 5 minutes. I still see ALL my recordings on the list but when I choose something it just goes back to default 998 channel screen suggesting I press the list button to choose a recording.

I know those recording aren't wiped. external drive is fine. WHAT CAN I DO? over 100 of those recordings are my kids' stuff. it will break their hearts to miss that stuff.

PLEASE, there has to be a fix!
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It might be a problem with your external harddrive (unlikely) or with the enclosure (more likely).

You can try using a different eSATA cable (this once worked for me - don't know why). Can I assume that when you boot, you don't get the message saying "this device works with the PVR" ?

If a different cable doesn't fix it, I would invest in a new enclosure and swap the drive and see if it comes up. In theory, if the external drive is still ok, you should be able to access all the programs as the index is still intact.

If swapping the enclosure doesn't work, and you really want those recordings, you can then try to clone your disk to a new one and try that one.
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