Sony's latest handheld gaming console, the PS Vita, was officially launched in Canada, the US, as well as in Europe on February 22nd.

If you haven't snagged one already, head over to Future Shop or Best Buy stores for the WiFi only version, which sells for $249.99. The 3G version isn't yet  available in Canada but US stores have them on the shelves. Games will cost you between $30-$50.

The PS Vita measures in at 182 mm wide by 83.55 mm high by 18.6 mm thick and features a powerful  quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, dual cameras and a 5-inch screen that vibrantly leaps out at you.

Research firm Strategy Analytics already forecasts that Sony will sell 12.4 million Vitas in 2012, providing the price is discounted at some point during the year. It's predecessor, the PlayStation Portable (PSP) has sold almost 2 million units in Canada and nearly 73 million globally since launching in 2004.

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