If you are trying to put together the best and perhaps the most expensive home theatre system money can buy, you might want to consider the new BeoVision 7-55 LCD flat panel priced at $18,700and then you could hook it up to your Blu-ray player with Wireworld's new Platinum Starlight HDMI cable.

The new one metre long Platinum Starlight HDMI V1.4 cable features molded carbon fiber connectors, the company's 24-conductor DNA Helix design with solid silver conductors and a $1,000 U.S. price tag.

The company, which began offering upgraded HDMI cables in 2004, says its new cable simply delivers the highest levels of digital performance.

According to Wireworld, it’s all about the DNA Helix conductor design, which uses 24 solid silver conductors that are "arranged with an innovative symmetrical geometry designed to neutralize impedance variations at every point along the cable's length. These advancements maximize available speed and bandwidth for the signal path while also reducing noise and jitter effects for substantial overall improvements in signal fidelity and dynamic response."

The Platinum Starlight HDMI cables will be available in February of 2010. A 1.0 meter cable is $1,000.

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