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Help. I'm currently getting this strange pixelization for the last little bit. The problem has gone away a for now, but as this snow storm comes in stronger here in NE of Calgary.
It's only matter of time before it starts to get worst again. Currently the pixelization happens once maybe every once or twice on HD channels.
No matter which setup I had. My old setup or Telus Setup.

My Old setup: -Sept/2010 till Late Jan/2011
Telus Dsl modem (small black one)
Linksys WRT160Nv3- 4 ports 10/100
-Cisco 430 PVR to LG 42 Inch HD tv via HDMI
-PlayStation 3 HDMI to LG HD TV (Wireless)
-Xbox 360s 250gig (black Slim)
-Home PC
-1 Cisco 330 HD to old 27 inch TV in bedroom
All connection are wired by Ethernet cable (Cat 5)

My old setup worked fine, I never had any pixelization. Till end Jan/2011.
(when Snow storm hit)

Now I'm on basic Telus setup..
All in one DSL/Router (black one not D-Link)
All Ethernet connection too (Cat 5)

Telus setup:
Telus Router/modem (black one not D-Link)
-Telus 430 PVR 430 to 42'inch LG HD Tv HDMI 1080i
-Telus 330 to 27 inch TV via S-video
-Xbox 360s 250g
-PC computer

Note: For Ps3/360
If your wondering about how getting 5th connection
(on either setup) I've been un pluging my eithernet from my ps3 and plug back into my 360 when I Need too. Yeah could do either or both wireless but I also have Netflix account.
Netflix seems smoother when wired on my Ps3. Ps3 has DD 5.1 where 360 don't :(

The Issue: Details.
So awhile back. I was getting pixelization on most my HD channels. I say its started happen after last strong snow storm around end Jan 29/2011. (I think) You'd be watching tv then all suddenly the picture go all crazy with loss of picture and colors blur and go pixelization. This only started happening, before it was fine. This was using my old setup. Since I signed up with Optik. Yeah I've had few other issues since install, had replace PVR but there minor issues.

I called Telus like 2 weeks ago. Argue with them and told them that it was even recording on the PVR. You could play it back where the picture when all distorted no matter what tv I was on.

They sent a tech out who was very rude, He accused me of calling too many times then accused it being my Linksys router.
I had no issues before, and only started since the bad snowstorms here in Calgary.
My telus tv has been working perfectly since using there small DSL modem hooked up to my Linksys router with
PVR set as DMZ Zone. A tech log in in and said he was able access it.
(Woot good )

It only started happening since we had few bad snow storms here in NE of Calgary. He replaced my basic small black
DSL modem and gave me one black All in one Modems, Not D-Link but other one.
The Tech then threatening to say he was going charge me and I was crying wolf too much, Changing the equipment.
That's the way I've had hooked up since It was installed. I was so mad that almost told him get out my house..
And after he switch out my router, He left. I am still have same issues. Nothing changed..

The next day. I talked to Telus again. They sent another tech out. I told what had happen.
And how other 1st tech accused me calling too much.. This 2nd tech told me he knew the guy and was surprise how he acted.

So the 2nd tech went outside to Telus box and check wire connections. Seems a few connections we're wrong and we're coming apart do to cold weather. He changed a few things and showed me connection that we're falling apart because of the cold.

That has helped Somewhat. I ask him if he could give back just basic DSL modem and take back the all in one modem.
He refused but was at lest polite about it..
When I talked to Telus (threw chat room) They promise me that the tech that would come (both 1st and 2nd tech)
would have that modem on them and should bring it. They never do.

So I'm currently on Telus setup and I'm STILL getting pixelization. But seems only happen maybe once or twice in a day. For now. but it was worst 3-4 days ago. I was recoding Ice Road truckers on History channel HD and it showed it was still doing it and was Telus setup..

1) I hate the all in one router. I've had issue while playing online games, Getting disconnected..
2) I find telus modem/router is confusing and not as configurable.
3) when I asked about NAT security in router setup
and if I could set up to Low or Medium. Telus told me they " Do not " support that..

What the?

I spent $$$ to buy my Linksys Router because It's been very solid Router,
And has kept my network stuff safe. it's configurable, It ran my telus IPTV fine for month till recent bad snow storms.. I had no issues with Xbox or Ps3 or Telus tv with my router.

So now with Telus router I'm still having pixelization,
Today seems been good, I know its not issue in with hardware weither my router or Telus router..

But this is getting annoying. Why does Telus keep saying
they put back org setup, only have them say NO to me every time.. and Yet I have proven that tech can still access the system under my set up.. I like simpler setup.

All in one systems are most often are more cheaply made or missing options. So this is getting very annoying.. Can anybody comment or suggest what to do?
Why am I upset.. because I now wondering if this router is as secure as my Linksys. and Linksys is made by Cisco..


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HD Quality? Speed test?

I am sorry if this is wrong area for this or bit off topic.

But I recently got Netflix also account. Setup for both
my Xbox 360 and Ps3..

My Question. Why does it seem that HD quailty say of decent or fairly new movie looks better on Netflix then it currently does on my Optik TV.

For example Blade 1 or 2..

A while back there was movie playing. Might be Movie Time
or AMC HD. I can't remember.

But For me here NE of calgary, I get better HD quality
in Netflix then I do with Optik...

NatGeograpic/Oasis HD or EqHD or DescoverWorld HD Are usailly great channels to judge on HD quality.

Currently tv LG520 42 inch HD TV via HDMI cables.
I've been told I'm on 19.2 profile
1 Sd/2HD profile.

My Ps3 reports around
Download: 10.4 Mbps
upload:816.8 Kps

Thats with PVR on HD channel via LG Tv HDMI

With PVR off PS3 reports
Download: 13.1 Mbps
upload: 815.4 Kbps

The Ps3 seems be more actuate..

My computer is not reporting correct speed when I run a test to brooks Server. Same deal when go Calgary.

Here to Edmonton test.

My PVR box was off for Sask test. Thos are not correct. I'm sure there no way I'm getting that lol
I get similar results when use IE or Firefox.

Q: Why is Netflix seem have better HD quality?

Telus tv HD quality has been very soft since I got installed.
It's not big issue just minor issue.
Fast moving seens or water in HD seems too washed out.
no detail/washed out in a blur.

Q: if I am on 19.2 Mbps or 15 Mbps profile,
Would changing to Telus Turbo high speed help with quality any for me NE of Calgary for Telus? If i can get it.

If not. Would the Fiber optic give better HD quality?


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Dolby Digital info/Question?

Simple Question.

Does anybody know when Telus is going add the information on the guild/Info what HD channels are currently showing DD 5.1? and if any SD channels
will in future have 5.1? DD

A simple 5.1 icon or something would be cool. :)

I know back 2000 sometime when I first got Starchoice. I sent E-mail asking when they going add 5.1 to guild info.
Few months later. Boom it was added lol

Anybody have any inside info when it may happen?

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Thanks. I was kinda hoping that higher profile would give bit better quality, For that what one tech told me about week ago. He said fiber optic in home that he hooked up, He notice the detail for HD channels was a lot crisper. *Shrugs*

But thanks anywho :)

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Nah, the HD quality IMO could be better. I don't have any experience with other providers but I mostly watch Bluray movies on my TV so it's a clear step down to anything else.

AFAIK Optik uses H.264 so I don't know why a similar bit rate from Netflix looks better (same goes for X.264 files). It is something they tweak from time to time.

I think the biggest problem is with motion on high detail scenes.

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Yea I agree. It's strange that Netflix seems to be sharper. I'm not trying be rude and I don't know/or fully understand all how this works.

Does anybody know, is Netflix using Mpeg 4?/X.264 files or they using older Mpeg2. Starchoice/Bell (er Shaw Direct) are using Mepg2 correct? and I know Mpeg4 is suppose save more space and Mpeg4 gives us HD quality.

And yes I too enjoy watching my Blue Rays too on my ps3, But I do Agree with you Shoota.
On my new Lg 42' HD tv via HDMI, any motion on high detail scenes, Say like some nature stuff like from OasisHD or Discovery world HD/NatGchHD.
If there any fast moving scenes are just blur of jumble Pixels, Water/ocean/fast moving rivers seem worst.
This seems be fairly new stuff 08/09+ videos.
I could understand older 2000 videos not being as sharp/clear.

True I know & can understand each show/station most likely use different ways to handle video and audio.
I never saw that kinda blur on Shaw HD. Its not major issue, a minor issue but I do hope perhaps when/if new updates (version 2.x? ) comes out. These minor issues will be cleared up?

I love Telus Optik tv, System/guild/menu and Pvr. But I have been wondering if Telus Sat for sound/HD video would be better?. Tho it's using Mpeg2. *shrugs*.


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So I've been in contact with new tech. Mark..
He calls and tells me he can not find any ALU Telus DSL modems.

I phoned Telus customer support. They tell me all tech's should have them in there vans and Telus can not mail
any them out.. Only Tech can supply that modem.

Mark says can't find one.. he tried another office..
No luck.

So what the heck is going on?

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And what about say under Xbox360 and Ps3?

My ps3 seems be bit sharper as long its newer HD video. And it suports DD 5.1 and if movie is in 5.1 on netflix. Alot moves aren't.

Sorry if i'm bit off topic. Just wonder Why my netflix seems sharper.
but Thanks for info :)

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True enough..
Q: is the Pvr430 using H.264/Mpeg4 for both SD and HD channels? And is the sound channels? What about if in 5.1.. and when its not.?

I assume both video/Audio in Mpeg4? Or is bit more like dvd/blue ray.. Video and audio are each separate?

Just wondering if anybody could explain a bit :)
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