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Right, so! My dad has the vsx-72txv from Pioneer, about four years old.

Great reciever, but it always had a few issues right from out of the box. Number one is HDCP compatiblity; it won't accept HDCP signals.

I believe this is why I'm having problems passing through my HTPC.

Possible solutions:

1. Apparent pioneer offered firmware upgrades for these recievers free of charge, but they had to be installed by an authorized dealer; couldn't hook up via the serial port and get things going myself. Disconnecting everything was also not an option, as my dad paid quite a chunk of change for "professionals" (guys with 18v drills) to set everything up. I was wondering if anyone knows if this upgrade is still availiable, and better, if I can snatch from the web myself.

2. Disable HDCP in Windows 7. I have no idea where to start.

3. e Bay HDMI splitter? I was thinking I could get a 3$ splitter (a wire, not an active one) and send the sound to the reciever (hdmi) and the video to the tv (also hdmi).

So my question: What would you experts recommend?

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