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What I'm not clear on is why Pioneer does this kind of double naming of their products.
I expect it is because the regular line and Elite line are carried by different dealer networks. Double-naming allows them to bring some of the lower-end Elite models into the more mass-market stores, without diluting the "Elite" brand.

In the past, this has appeared to be relatively limited. Their 9000 series models were positioned above the regular line and matched up with the lower-end Elite models -- for example, last year the 9040/9140 available through the big box stores matched up with the Elite 21/23 which were limited to higher-end dealers. (There was a big box version at least one of the ICE amp Elite models as well, but I don't think that many people ever bought that).

This year, they have extended the crossover area by extending the Elite line down by a few more models.
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