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i wouldn't limit yourself to these couple of choices only. who knows, maybe you have a historical loyalty to a particular brand or AV store. if you are open to other purchase options, there are many (additional) very good entry level AVR's as well; and currently very good buys on previous model versions. (assuming you have additional choice in your market place)

i'll be up front with you, i haven't dug too deep into AVR models that would fit into your category of interest, and subsequent budget but have you considered other brands such as denon or onkyo ?

for example (if your not in a rush to buy) ..

other models of interest that should be on your list

denon AVR1910/11
denon AVR 790/791
onkyo TX-SR608

you can get an AVR 790 for less than $ 500 at futureshop ... this is last years model and retailed for $ 799. this is something i would consider, and probably many here, given scope of AV usage one typically needs to address for everyday enjoyment.

beyond that, you may want to put pen to paper to highlight key features and dissect advantages - disadvantages to your liking. for example, audio and video processing .. meaning

- anchor bay's implementation verses faroudja's. furthermore, within faroudja .. there is video processing (i think on the 1020 - correct me if i'm wrong please) verses ..faroudja DCDi video processing (onkyo TX-SR608)

- some makers offer their own version of room correction, EQ audio adjustment verses Audyssey's which i understand, and have read here many times, is a well respected technology adopted by some AVR manufacturers.

denon's 1910/790 AVR's are well liked and reviewed. from my understanding, experience .. i enjoy listening to movies on a denon .. very good ambient offering, i also find they serve up an emotional (excitement) to movies.

close friends of mine have denon, another onkyo .. i own a yamaha. have owned a pioneer. i'm not loyal to any brand.

anyways, thought i would input my thoughts on the matter (in my amount of time available) ... just my opinion frankly. i'm sure there are thoughts (considerations) i have overlooked. what sound you like, what mates with the polks, what version of PS3 you have (implications for how hi-res is channeled) ..etc. anyways, i'm sure others will chip-in, afterall - we are stronger as a group helping refine, insert particulars, as needed.

stick around, ask what you need @ any time. many here (including myself) will (hopefully) be of some assistance.

i gotta get to work. good luck. (hope i haven't confused the matter)

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Pioneer no longer use Faroudja, they use ABT for sure. I did a photography of its innards a couple of months back for Pioneer and its chip is stamped with ABT. Can't recall the model number, though.
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