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Pioneer V2.0 Firmware update for AVIC-F Series Navigation Systems

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From company's US website

We would like to inform you of the availability of a NEW free firmware update for the AVIC-F Series in-dash navigation systems (AVIC-F90BT, AVIC-F900BT, AVIC-F700BT and AVIC-F7010BT). This firmware update is not for the AVIC-F500BT, which will be updated separately in the future. In addition, this firmware update applies only to models sold in the United States.

This firmware update (version 2.0) contains important performance improvements relating to, among other things, boot-up time, Bluetooth connectivity (including certain Blackberry models), iPod Touch (v2.0) compatibility, touch screen response, display brightness, and SD and USB media playback.

Even if you are not currently experiencing any issues with your AVIC F-Series in-dash system, we still recommend that you install the free firmware update. Installation of the update should take approximately ten minutes to complete.
From the Canadian Website

If you are in Canada, there are updates but Pioneer says you must update from the following link

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Before Downloading the Firmware Updates

Please check your system version number by doing the following to determine whether your system has already been updated with the new firmware updates:

  1. Press the "Menu" button
  2. Touch the "Settings" tab;
  3. Touch the “System Settings” tab;
  4. Touch the “Service Information” tab;
  5. The "Map version" number and the "Version" number are both displayed -- please look at the "Version" number, which is displayed on the lower line; and
  6. If the "Version" number is "1.001900" or an earlier/smaller number, please install the new firmware update. If the "Version" number is "2.000000" or a later/larger number, the system has already been updated with the new firmware.
  7. Write down the version number; you will need to refer to it again.
If anybody has one of these, I'm interested to know if they improved the audio side of it. I am looking to buy one of these.

More specifically...

Can it play lossless WMA? (Everything is lossless on my computer, I'd rather copy than re-encode)

Is there compatibility with playlists made on a computer? (I'm not particularly interested in spending time sitting in my can making playlists. Beside, my playlists are already made on my computer).

Can we use more than 2GB on a USB stick? What's the use of unlimited file number in FAT32 if the limit is only 2GB?

Before you tell me I'm asking for too much: this is high-end equipment...

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Funny that they try to improve the boot time. Last update they had, they mentionned that this boot time wasn't really important.

I have the F900 and I love it. Boot time is a bit of a bummer so I'll have to upgrade soon.
I did the upgrade today and I must say it sure made the booting up much faster. I haven't tried everythhing else yet but it sure made a difference so far.
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