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Deluxe 2x Blu-ray deluxe box set in rigid slipcase with video footage expertly re-edited from the original tape masters in 2019. The cover design, originally created for the 2006 DVD release, has also been updated. This release also sees the reintroduction of the iconic pulsating light as per the original 1995 CD release. The deluxe packages include music videos, concert screen films, documentaries, Pulse Tour rehearsal footage & more, alongside a 60-page booklet.
I've been hoping for years that this concert would get released on Blu-ray! :) "Restored" sounds good, but "Re-Edited" worries me a bit. Hopefully it hasn't been tampered with too much.

My copy arrived today - it's a chunky little package! I hope to get around to listening to it within the next day or two. :)
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OK, so, this afternoon I gave the new BD a bit of a look & listen and an A/B against the 2006 DVD release.

I had the Blu-ray in my OPPO BDP-83 and the DVD in the Sony BDP-6200. I roughly level-matched the two sources with the receiver's volume at -16dB (Blu-ray, DTS-HD MA 5.1) and -10dB (DVD, DD 5.1 (640 kbps)). Audyssey DEQ was on.

I flipped between the two sources on the following tracks:
  • Shine On You Crazy Diamond
  • Take Me Back
  • Another Brick In the Wall (Part 2)
  • Money
  • Run Like Hell
Video: Not much difference, really. (Warning: Some people may be horrified at seeing 4:3-ratio black bars on a Blu-ray release. 😱 😱 😱 )

Audio: Compared to the DVD's audio, the BD's audio sounded slightly more expansive -but- Gilmour's voice / center-channel audio seemed slightly recessed, perhaps as a result of the overall more-expansive sound.

(Re-)Editing: Good work, nothing distracting or disappointing. If anything, I noticed that some of the very wide-angle shots were dropped in favour of tighter shots of the performers. Nice. (y)

Extras: Irrelevant to me.

Conclusion: IMO, if you own the 2006 DVD release the new BD release isn't worth buying unless it's important to you to have:
  • the entire show on one disc; and/or
  • the extras that come with it.
I'll be selling the BD. :)
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