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When I heard that "Animals" - my favourite Pink Floyd album - was going to be released on BD with remixed, multi-channel audio I was both excited and - because of my overall disappointment with the BD remix release of The Who's "Quadrophenia" - apprehensive.

I received my copy from Amazon late last week and last night I finally had some time to sit down and give it a go. I started by listening to the uncompressed remix track on the BD in its entirety. Then I A/B'd sections of songs using two BD players and comparing the uncompressed remix track on the BD to the 1977 stereo audio on CD. Audyssey on, DEQ on for both machines. Volume matched by ear (i.e., roughly equal).

The Good
  • The BD audio was noticeably more expansive, more immersive and clearer-sounding.
  • The bottom end was fuller - especially on "Pigs" (or so it seemed to me) - and was accented nicely by occasional bursts of very deep, very strong electronic bass notes.
  • Roger's vocal mix on the bookend tracks was bone-dry and I though that that sounded better than the original mix where you can hear reverb/ringing.
  • The '77 mix sounds good for an older album but it was no competition for the new mix. I tried a few different matrix options on it but none of them made a significant difference.
The Bad
  • It was all good. :)
Overall, a very-satisfying re-mastering of a great album. IMO it's worth a Floyd fan's money. (y)
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