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I have noticed a big change in OTA since WIVB and WNLO started sharing their RF.

I always watch NFL on CFTO not WIVB. On my largest 4K TV there is a huge difference in PQ.
Also, on shows like The Price is Right the CBS feed on CITY is much better than WIVB.

And for some reason the 5.1 sound on CFTO and CITY is better than WIVB.

Another recent observation was when the Leafs were on CBLT and CITY.
I liked CITY's 1080i over CBLT's 720p. But that might have been too many pops.
You’re comparing major market broadcasters (flagship Toronto Stations) to secondary market (Buffalo stations), and budgets at those stations are quite different. It’s like comparing WABC in NYC to WKBW in Buffalo- the flagship will have the budget for personnel and equipment that are top notch.

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