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Alright here is the situation,

I recently got an ATSC card for my myth box and discovered that the machine cannot handle the HD signals. So it is time to upgrade my myth box.
Now with Netflix available and Hulu talking about opening up the Canadian market I'm wondering if I should stick with Myth or move to something else (even something windows based).
The requirements I have are:
-Web interface so I can record a show when I am not at home.
-Support a remote (obviously)
-Play MP3's and Divx's of existing shows
-Be able to export shows/videos to DVD
-Allow me to launch or support Mame, Stella (Atari emu) and Colem (colecovision emu)
-An active support base
-On going development. for example GBPVR is being replaced by NPVR which is now in beta, has development on GBPVR stopped? I don't want to have to migrate to a whole new platform again.
-Ease of use, I want my wife and kids to get the hang of the software quickly. I don't want options hidden inside menu's inside menu's.

I'm looking forward to ideas and comments. Ask any questions that I haven't answered.


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I belive Netflix will require a secure Windows OS. Hulu Plus also might.
IMHO, for that, Windows 7 WMC might be the way to go.

Option B will be a TiVo Premiere, if TiVo gets a Canadian Netflix app.
Hulu Plus will be on the Premiere, but not the Series 3. Of course it might cost as much as a PC, and Hulu might not be available at all, let alone an app for Canadians.

Keep your existing PC for the game emulators and some media playback the TiVo cannot do.
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