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I went today as well. Got to play with the new GH2 and the 100-300mm (600mm equiv) lens. The combo was very small compared to a 600mm equiv. DLSR combo. It was around the same weight and slightly smaller than my s100fs bridge camera. If the IQ of this lens holds up it could become a great birding camera for many.

I also played around with the a55 and even the 70-400mm Sony lens. Sony really needs a better APS-C body for their larger lenses. The A55 was smaller than the GH2 and the grip was just too short to grab (pinky needed to go under the camera).

Fuji had the X100 but unfortunately it was under glass. Of course it was fun just to try out all of the longer zoom lenses even though I could never afford them.

Picked up a monopod for $25 and a couple of 8x10 frames for cheap. Black's has 8x10s on sale for 80 cents right now and I needed some frames.
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