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Ten to fifteen years ago, controlling the proliferation of digital photos within a family was arguably easier: family members used various digital cameras, imported the pictures in their original quality (not necessarily RAW - mostly JPG from point and shoot cameras) into Apple Aperture. Organized, made albums and backed up.

But Aperture was discontinued ~5 years ago. And since then used a combination of Apple Photos for old pics and Google Photos as the general image organizer. Google Photos is superb in many ways but this workflow has various issues:

  1. Everyone (in the family) has a slightly different Google Photos album. Even with picture sharing, it's hard to remember which were shared, when last, etc. If we want the "best" picture of a certain place we need to scour through everybody's Google Photos or phone.
  2. Google Photos (for unlimited storage) doesn't have the original quality. Wanted to print out a large photo from years ago and the original is still on the phone and 4.5x the file size. Most people don't do anything with the phone originals - they just backup automatically (at the cloud service's "high quality") to a provider cloud if even that. Eventually those originals will be purged or lost.
  3. Online services always have a small amount of risk (i.e. loss of access [account hijacking] to that service). Google provides "Takeout" which is good but is manual and periodic.
So the question is what do people to for photo management these days? Don't mind paying a modest amount for software (i.e. < $100) if it does want is needed:

Easy importing and album creation.
  • Preserves original dates, EXIFF, and GPS data.
  • Don't need editing capabilities, focus is on organization vs editing.
  • Sync to Google Photos would be a plus.
  • Multi-user support? (Family usage.)
  • MacOS (Windows compatibility would be a bonus).
Or what do people generally do for family photo assets? Thanks.
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