Philips has launched the Wake-up Light - an interesting new alarm clock and FM radio which the consumer electronics company says simulates a natural sunrise providing a more pleasant wake up experience no matter what time of year.

Simulating a natural sunrise, the 300 lux wake-up light is a dawn simulator which gradually starts to illuminate 30 minutes before your desired wake up time.

The result says Philips is a more "natural" waking up process which can help sleepers wake up more peacefully which leads to feeling less stressed and less groggy at the start of the day.

At the end of the 30-minute period, there is the option of four natural sounds including chirping birds, a gentle ringing, jungle drums or soft chimes. An additional option for FM radio is also available.

In addition to the sunrise simulator, the Wake-Up Light also features a dusk simulator that can be incorporated into a nighttime routine to help prepare for sleep. Similar to the waking up function, the dusk simulator slowly decreases the amount of light over a 30 minute period, offering what the company says is a more natural relaxing way to fall asleep.

The Philips Wake-Up Light (model HF3480) is available now at retailers across Canada for $190 and in the U.S. for USD $170. In the United States a Wake up light with iPod dock is also available for USD $200.