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Persona / Hauppage HVR-1800?

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I live in Sudbury Ont., and want to purchase a TV tuner card for my MythTV box (a linux based HTPC box), but I'm unsure if Persona will allow me to receive unencrypted QAM data.

I already own a Hauppage PVR-150, which works great for my analog stream.... but I want to step things up, and go digital & HD.

Does anyone have any experience with this, or can anyone let me know if this works in Sudbury, ON?
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Most service providers have little or no unencrypted QAM, however, it does vary with provider and location. Realize also that if you get it now, it may be gone at any time. Hopefully someone in your area can advise you specifically.
Do you have an HDTV with a QAM tuner? If you do (or maybe a neighbour), you should be able to plug your cable into the HDTV and you'll have your answer immediately.

Most cable companies nowadays encrypt everything but the barker channels.
I can tell you right now that Persona - Sudbury doesn't send very much out onto the system un-encrypted. There are a few channels like the community channel and CPAC...but that's about it. None of the HD channels are in the clear.
If you have a motorola STB you can use the diagnostic menu to find out which channels are unencrypted. Here its just the audio, sportsnets, NFL and BNN (last I checked)

Well, sounds like everyone just saved me a few dollars.
Thanks for all the help everyone!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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