Web hosting leader PEER 1 Hosting, a subsidiary of Cogeco Cable (TSX: CCA), has launched an interactive 3D app that maps out the Internet.

So here's your chance to see a digital representation of the world's networks and how they are connected.

PEER 1 says the interactive app brings to life what the Internet physically looks like using the network addresses of ISPs, Internet exchange points, universities and other organizations that route traffic online.

The app showcases the Internet's history and allows users to see how the Internet will evolve between now and 2020. In addition, users will see where giants like Google and Facebook are located on the Internet.

Robert Miggins, senior vice president, business development, PEER 1 Hosting said: "We're passionate about the Internet and continue to look for ways to demonstrate and share that with the world; the Map of the Internet app exemplifies those efforts."

"People are curious about what's going on under the hood of the Internet and this app allows users to easily view and understand how it works," he concludes.

You can discover for yourself what the Internet looks like by downloading the app from the
AppStore[/URL] or Google Play .

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