Mississauga based Paradigm this week announced its redesigned Monitor Series loudspeakers for music and home theater.

The company says the Monitor Series 7 features smaller floorstanding and center-channel speakers with a more streamlined and linear aesthetic plus a number of new technology innovations previously found on the company's higher end Reference series.

New updates include a self-aligning magnetic grille, complete baffle redesign, a new base design which provides stability for the narrower floor standing footprints and a stylistically cleaner, less intrusive alternative to outrigger feet.

The company also introduced two new center channels to replace the original CC-190, CC-290 and CC-390. The new and smaller center speakers will go by the prosaic names of Center 1 and Center 2 .

The Monitor Series 7 is available now in Black Ash and a new Heritage Cherry finish. Surrounds are in Black. Canadian retail pricing is as follows.
  • Atom Monitor: $219
  • Mini Monitor: $319
  • Monitor 7: $479
  • Monitor 9: $649
  • Monitor 11: $849
  • Center 1: $399
  • Center 3: $629
  • Surround 1: $299
  • Surround 3: $429

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