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Hey All

I thought I would post here to see if you guys could help. I have a Panasonic PT47X54J CRT HDTV, about 3 1/2 years old. I had an issue arise with the HDMI input. It was working well for some time but a few months back it began acting up I first noticed it when my cable provider(Rogers, Canada) began with the HDCP nonsense. I abandoned the port and switched to component cables. Recently I had thoughts of trying out the Western Digital media player which only has a HDMI output so I revisited the issues with the port. I hooked up my DVD player via HDMI to HDMI here are the issues I am having.

Note: I tried 2 cables, previous one which was working,and a brand-new one both provide the same result.

Cable box
1. TV powered off, cable box powered off
2. Power on TV
3. Power on cable box
4. Screen comes on stating TV is not HDCP compliant(it was fine for a couple years Atlantic scientific HD8300 PVR) I'm guessing cable provider changed it set up.
5. If I turn the TV off and back on again the image/program will appear on whichever channel is selected for a few moments until the cable box message pops up. If I just leave it on the channel it will remain at the cable box message not switching to the no signal issue I see on DVD player.

DVD Player(same HDMI port as TV only 1 HDMI)
1. TV powered off, DVD powered off
2. Power on TV
3. Power on DVD
4. DVD player loading screen appears, but after around 5 seconds TV screen transitions to the no input/no signal screen.
5. Powering TV off and on again DVD player screen will appear again for about 5 seconds and transition to the no input/no signal screen again.
6. If I cycle through the DVD player resolution settings the signal will appear again for about 5 seconds and then again transition to the no input/no signal screen.

So I'm wondering if this is a wonky HDMI input card on the TV, or potentially configuration issue. I've tried it with two different DVD players, two different cables, always the same result, just that I downspout you guys to see if you have any other ideas.



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Sounds like an issue with the TV. HDMI is by specification supposed to be HDCP compliant, however, some firmware or some devices do not follow HDCP properly. The Rogers STBs work just fine for most people, and since you're having DVD issues, I'd suspect the TV. Are you going "through" an AVR or directly to the TV?

Here's a list of HDMI issues and a list of things to check at the bottom:

BTW, you purchased your TV in October 2004 - a lot more than 3.5 years ago...Due to the age, HDMI/HDCP issues on the TV are very likely the cause of your problems. You could contact Panasonic to see if there is some sort of firmware update for this TV, but with the age, it's doubtful you'll get much support.

As you have time, check out the following useful post - FAQs, Search Tips, Optimization, etc.
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