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I'm trying to decide between two TV's for my living room. Currently we have a massive 27 inch CRT in there (massive in the sense that it is huge front to-back, and has big speakers on the sides). The minimum distance someone will be sitting from the TV is 7 feet, and the maximum is probably around 10 feet. I figure that 26 inches is too small for the room and 40 inches is probably too big.

The two TVs that I am looking at are a Sony Bravia KDL-32EX500 and a Panasonic L37U22. The prices are similar, both have 1080p and 120 HZ. I really don't know which I would be more satisfied with. On one hand, the Panasonic is bigger, on the other, I trust Sony more as a brand.

Any suggestions or comments would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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