Panasonic today announced the successor to its very popular flagship high definition LCD front projector. Replacing the 1080p PT-AE3000 will be the 1080p Panasonic PT-AE4000.

The new projector, which looks virtually identical to its predecessor, features 1,600 lumens of brightness; 2.0X zoom; three hdmi inputs; 100,000:1 contrast ratio; dynamic iris; improved frame creation technology; and new Intelligent Lens Memory feature makes it possible for users to program up to six different zoom/focus positions for different aspect ratio flexibility.

The PT-AE4000 also comes with a new optical system which improves contrast ratio and increases brightness by 50% in the popular Cinema Picture modes compared to its predecessor.

Frame creation technology works to create sharper images for fast moving scenes in sports and action movies by interpolating an additional frame by analyzing the characteristics of two adjacent frames.The new Frame Creation 2 feature now incorporates blur reduction technology that decreases motion blur even further for faster moving objects. For crisp motion images with high resolution, users may set their frame count preference to 120 frames/1 sec from 60 frames/1sec for 60Hz video signal input, while 24 frames/sec (24p) signals are quadrupled to 96 frames/1sec by interpolating three additional frames to give more natural frame-to-frame transitions.

Like all Panasonic projectors, initial setup and installation should be quick and simple thanks to the 2.0x zoom which can cast a 120-inch diagonal image from as short as 11 feet to 24 feet from the screen. The projector’s lens shift capability enables 100 percent vertical adjustment and 40 percent horizontal adjustment so that viewers can suspend the projector either close to the ceiling or on wall mounts. The lens-centred design and maintenance features such as the replaceable side filter and top lamp, make the projector easy to install and maintain.

The Panasonic PT-AE4000 will be shipping later this month in the United States and will sell for $2,500 USD. No word yet on pricing and availability in Canada.