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I've had this Panasonic G25 for around 7 months or so, and I've noticed this issue where if the camera pans, it looks like the whole picture is coming apart as well as people are flickering. I've been told this is related to the 3:2 pulldown, so I tried setting it to 48 Hz, and the picture still looks the same, although with some flicker added to the judder. Even if I try it in 1080i with 3:2 pulldown on or off, same effect.

Could it be that the 3:2 pulldown feature is faulty on my TV, or is this what I'm supposed to be seeing?

As it turns out, the opposite is often the case. The motion judder in native 24p can be atrocious. You can test it yourself if you have the equipment to do it. We'll assume that if you have a Blu-ray player, you are more likely to have a copy of Casino Royale than Casablanca. If you do, find a messy panning scene in Casino Royale. There are lots of them, but there's a real beauty in the 9th chapter, starting at 1 hour, 11 minutes and 13 seconds. The dealer is dealing, and the camera pans slowly around the table.

In 24p playback, this scene is a pure, unmitigated disaster. The people seated at the table come apart at the seams, the tuxes flash and strobe, the Casino Royale logo on the card table blinks like a neon sign. Once you've replayed this travesty a few times, switch your Blu-ray player to 60p output and run it again. Yes, it is still a mess. But look at it closely ... the juddering effect is actually reduced. That is because the 3:2 pulldown is blurring and masking some of the latent motion judder in the film. There is certainly a separate conversion judder that is added to the visual stew with 3:2 pulldown, but oddly enough it works in contravention of the latent 24p judder. The net effect is that the image is a bit blurred, and the overall judder is noticeably reduced. Scenes like this do not look great in 60p, but they look worse in 24p. After all the hype over 24p (the benefits of which we eagerly anticipated as much as anyone), it must be admitted that 60p playback can, in the final analysis, be less distracting for many people.
According to that article it is supposed to blur some of the judder and it won't really be that noticeable, but when I see it, people are just coming apart. Almost as if it's not working.

I have a PS3 as my Blu-ray player. Setting the 24p option to on, off, or auto, doesn't seem to do anything.
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