by Christina Peden

Panasonic unveiled its 2014 lineup of LCD Smart TVs at a press briefing in New York City last week.

After announcing last fall that they would be pulling out of the Plasma TV market, many were skeptical about Panasonic’s ability to produce LCD TVs with the same picture quality of their Plasma units. The result, according to reporter Mark Henninger, is “a much better-performing collection of LCDs than what Panasonic has offered in the past”.

The company also introduced its new Smart TV platform called ‘Life⁺Screen’, which they say “represents the future of television beyond Smart TV”. Life⁺Screen gets to know your individual or family preferences to ensure your favourite content is there for you at the click of a button (literally).  Remote controls on Panasonic’s 2014 models feature ‘My Button’ technology, which you can press whenever you’re viewing content you enjoy. Over time, Life⁺Screen will use metadata and advanced algorithms to present tailored content recommendations to each person in your family, or the family as a whole.

Additionally, Panasonic’s lineup features voice recognition and voice navigation, so you’ll be able to call up your personalized stream of content by saying ‘my Stream’ to the microphone in the touch pad remote. Of course, the TV will know whose stream to bring up based on voice recognition.

For all the details on the individual models demonstrated at last week’s press briefing, see reporter Mark Henninger’s rundown on .

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