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Panasonic 50G20

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After much research (and hours of reading very helpful information on this site) I purchased the Panasonic 50G20 in April. It has been running only on the THX mode and I am extremely pleased with the visuals. I do however need the expertise of the forum for the following:

- Watching World Cup: On a long kick I will see the ball "judder" if that is the correct term from one end of the field to the other. All other aspects of viewing are excellent. Settings always remain on THX as I find this to be the most balanced for all TV viewing. Is there something that can be done in the menus that can improve this "judder" or is this just a weakness within this model?

- Remote envy: I am now the proud owner of 4 remote controls. Panasonic TV remote, Sony Blue Ray remote, Bell TV remote, Yamaha HTR remote. Would there be value in investing in a all-in-one remote a la Harmony series? If so, what would be a good recommendation given the following: Pan 50G20, Sony BluRay S360, BTV 9242, Yamaha 6060

- When powering on TV from Panasonic remote, BluRay will also power on (a waste when one only wants to watch TV or listen to music). I have gone into Viera menu to not allow units to power on or off with TV remote but this did not help. All connections are HDMI (Bell TV 9242 to Yam HTR, Blu Ray to HTR, HTR to TV)

- Lastly, can someone advise at what point a full calibration would be needed (after how many hours of viewing). Understand that I am extremely impressed with picture quality of this unit but want to maximise its potential. Recommendation for someone in the Montreal, Quebec area is most helpful.

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For the world cup soccer ball. I was seeing the same thing on my set too (not your same set though) so I went to my local AV store where they had the game playing and all the TV's had that. I believe it has something to do with the feed (both Bell and Shaw had the same thing going on.)

As for the remote, go pick up any Harmony remote, it will make your life much easier. The harmony one is the most popular choice due to its good ergonimics and the fact that is recharegable.

As for the bluray turning on, you can turn off the Viera Link setting in the Blu Ray player setup menu and that will fix that problem of them turning on/off together.
the judder may be related to the signal coming in and not from the TV.

calibration is ready to go at any time. no wait time needed. results are posted. it's discussed on post 33 here and the plasma break in thread.
you may want to wait on the calibration until 100 hrs have passed. The colour/grey scale on my panny did drift over time and a recent touch up has brought it into line again Apparently related to the phosphors...I had mine done right away after purchase and then read an HT article online that suggested the 100 hrs.

I strongly disagree with your position on the 100hrs. It's well known within the experienced calibration community that any drift that may occur within the 100hrs, if any, will not be noticable to the eye. You mention an online article, one that anyone could have written and with questionable experience on the matter. This author could mainly be spreading the same misinformation that he read elsewhere without ever calibrating at panel or evaluating his age-old methodology, etc etc... There's little reliability here.

These panels are designed differently than CRT technology which had a lot of drift. They aren't designed to make noticable changes within several hours of use. If you had your plasma calibrated upon purchase and you had it recalibrated 100 hours later and ended up with different results, I would question the reliability of the calibration equipment being used on your TV. What measuring device was your panel calibrated with? Most of the "inexpensive" gear will return different results in each calibration session. So, if you have it "touched up" in the next 100 hours, and every 100 hrs after that, you will again notice different results all plus or minus each other within the same ballpark numbers. And these differences shouldn't translate as anything notcable to the eye even though they make look fairly large and significant on a graph. On the other hand, more expensive gear - for the most part - is more precise and repeatable and should return very similar results providing all other things are equal in the evaluation. We are trying to set the record straight - the 100hrs just simply isn't true and it would be great to put this beast to rest!
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Agreed. I have optimized many brand new TVs right out of the box. I often recommend that people run their TVs for a few hours to ensure it's not DOA or infant mortality, but beyond that, additional break-in is not required as discussed by several professionals on this (and other) forums. Break in.
What settings should I use in the PS3 video menu for HDMI output to my 50G25 ?

Which settings will the G25 be able to use ?
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